M7’s Banana Initiative Generates 250KWS Power From Banana Waste

The Presidential Initiative on Banana Industrial Development (PIBID) says it has added to the national power production capacity by generating 250Kws from banana waste.

According to PIBID Director- General Dr. Florence Muranga, the waste from the bananas has led to the generation of 250KWS of energy from biogas and organic fertilizers.

“There are other additional non-food spin off like banana wool, banana fibre hair wigs, cotton fabric among others” she explained.

Muranga had led her team to meet the Vice President Maj. Jessica Alupo to furnish her with the progress they have registered ever since President Museveni started this initiative under State House.

The team briefed the Vice President on the various steps they have undertaken in a bid to grow the Capacity of the industry as well as increase productivity of the factory.
The Presidential Initiative was started in 2005 as a pioneer concept idea designed to start full scale industrialization of Uganda’s bananas.

This initiative has seen the crop, grown in different parts of Uganda on high and low scale become a raw product for different products including the tooke flour, tooke biscuits, tooke porridge, tooke soup, with other products as gluten free pasta, noodles and chips.
“Anything you do with wheat, you do with banana flour, and thankfully, most of our products have been certified,” Muranga told Alupo.

She said PIBID which is fully funded by the government, has grown its investment portfolio to a demonstration plant, water and irrigation works that will serve neighboring communities.

Meanwhile, Alupo was all smiles for the team’s efforts and dedication. “When we solve our problems, we increase sustainability of our country to address other critical challenges” the lady from Aketa said.



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