Let’s Embrace Dialogue In Memory Of Archbishop Janan Luwum

Minister Milly Babalanda



Your, Excellency the Vice President;

I greet you in the name of the Almighty God, and do welcome you to this years’ Janani Luwum Memorial Day when we remember a great son of Uganda who paid the ultimate price for the truth and for a better Uganda Four Decades ago.
The theme for this year is: “Hope Beyond Affliction” taken from the book of Lamentations 3:21-25.
This theme encourages us to believe in God for the sustainable transformation in all aspects of our life. It promotes forgiveness even as we promote nation building and development.

Archbishop Janani Luwum, even if long dead, still lives in us as believers and people who cherish freedom.
He died so that others may live. His blood watered his motherland so that new seeds of faith may germinate in us.
Luwum showed courageous leadership in opposing Idi Amin’s dictatorship that had seen innocent Ugandans violently murdered with no chance of defense. Luwum opposed gross human rights violations and religious harassment during the sad chapter of Idi Amin’s rule. He is, indeed, recognized as Africa’s Martyr of the 20th Century.

As we remember Archbishop Luwum, we are also reminded of the steps to freedom that the NRM government (under the wise leadership of H.E the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni) took to rescue Ugandans from the times when there was no freedom of worship to a point now when believers have dignity and a voice.
This new chapter of religious freedom and tolerance was ushered in when His Excellency took office in 1986. Since then, he has led Uganda well with the guidance of the Almighty God whom he believes in deeply.

The NRM Government has facilitated a healthy co-existence between Church and State, bringing them together to serve the interests of the ordinary Ugandans. Everyone can witness and feel the transformation this has brought to Uganda. God has rewarded His Excellency President Museveni with longevity in power because he honors Him. The Lord has seen us through many challenges and will surely see us to greatness.

Your Excellency the Vice President and distinguished guests; there is however a few challenges that we must all deal with, namely the people who use their platforms to sow seeds of divisionism and hatred and the others who use religion to defraud the public.

These kinds of religious leaders have no place whatsoever in the Uganda that is forward looking and that is emulating the President’s example of a humble, tolerant and all-embracing leader. Archbishop Luwum preached unity and a non-manipulative doctrine. He preached the truth. We cannot have this divisionism and manipulation any longer under our watch today.

Let’s all share in the lessons of the President who has embraced God’s guidance even in his own household where there are family members that keep feeding him with spiritual guidance. The leaders who are struggling to gain power should look at His Excellency the President and learn from his humbleness, love and unique character. This is exactly the opposite of the past times where such leaders would have faced difficulties upon uttering any insensitive comments to the President.
We thank the President for showing respect and due regard to the faith movements and supporting their development projects. We thank him for his kind heart!

May Archbishop Luwum’s spirit continue to influence us even as we come together to build a God-loving, progressive, united, peaceful, reconciliatory, happy and productive nation. Let us dialogue together wherever there are differences and resolve them as one people united in the faith in memory of Archbishop Luwum.

Your Excellency the Vice President, at this juncture, I take the pleasure and honor to invite you to come and address Ugandans and entire world that is tuned in on this occasion of the Archbishop Janan Luwum Memorial Day 2022.

I thank you!

This was my speech at Kololo independence grounds to mark the Janan Luwum day.



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