Is Corruption In Uganda A Class Struggle?
By Peter Magomu Mashate

CLASSLESS SOCIETY is an ATTITUDE of MIND. It’s aspirational and achievable not necessarily in puritan sense but in as far as narrowing the gap thereto.​

Once the LESS FORTUNATE or less privileged are seen as of inferior class that mindset is dangerous as it apparently manifests in these contemporary times.​

The less privileged who are the majority become commoditized (a living example is well enshrined in Voter bribery of “Lukumi-lukumi” in exchange for MP/leaders incumbency for 5 years) and that is very dangerous as its undermining fairh in our society’s only democratic safety valve.​

Article 1 of our constitution stipulates that power belongs to the people and shall be exercised in accordance with the wish of the people.​

Therefore, it’s seems to me to be far-fetched to even remotely suggest that calling for a CLASSLESS SOCIETY is unthinkable and unachievable as it can only happen at the behest of MACRO/ BOURGEOISIE benevolence. This school of thought is misguided and gullible as to the super power of the thieves who are very few but a nonetheless a very serious scourge.

First the MACRO/BOURGEOISIE class or call it level are in the minority and extremely reactionary all in bid to mantain status quo or otherwise ill-gotten wealth and status. So they have no interest in a fair and just society which in effect is a CLASSLESS SOCIETY.​

The latter, therefore, can only come about by the active participation of what you would call the MICRO/PROLETARIAT and​ the MASSES by changing their MINDSET.​

This is inevitable because to deny the wide gap between the “haves” and the ” have nots”​ is to court disaster. The question is how then do you manage a peaceful coexistence?

It is respectfully submitted that it is manageable through MINDSET TRANSFORMATION and this should and ought to be the mission of every pro people leader.

Politicians too are inherently born with conscience thats why some of them would not even remotely contemplate (even if it means them losing leadership including the much coveted parliamentary vote) some immoral ant-people shenanigans that include, but are not limited to Voter bribery, i.e. this phenomenon of ” lukumi-lukumi” and ” Mitwalo-mutwalo”. This voter bribery and corruption has rendered the Proletariat and the general masses as slaves in perpetual chains of this class injustice and exploitation.

This category of principled and selfless politicians are in the minority but are at the forefront of Sensitization for mindset change and transformation. It is submitted that with time and persistence they will succeed because it’s the right thing to do.

Mwalimu Nyerere to a degree managed instilling in the Tanzanian society the ideology of UJAAMA lòsely translated also meant a CLASSLESS Or EVEN SOCIETY.​

The fruits are seen through the length and breadth of the Tanzanian society and though not evidently perfect but at least a begenning because SOCIALISM IS NECESSARILY AN ATTITUDE OF MIND.​

This ATTITUDE​ of MIND was picked up and/or continued by HE Pombe Magufuli (RIP). The ferocity with which the MACRO/BOURGEOISIE reactionary class fought back is evident in Magufuris death as its evident in that of Patrice Lumumba of Congo and many other pro people (MICRO/PROLETARIAT) Pan Africanists.

A lot of ink can be poured on this societal equality struggle of class or social-economic emancipation otherwise called empowerment because the two go in tandem.​

As a matter of fact this is a universal struggle of mankind but our concern relates to our people here in Uganda and in our towns and villages as we care about them immensely.​ We should NEVER EVER abdicate this duty to our people.


For example,​ Britain is a Class society where however wealthy or affluent you may be, you can never belong to the Royal class.

Then come to the Aristocracy and Nobility​ these are the WEALTH monopolist etc.​ So in short this Class system especially that of capitalist is a social arrangement of SOCIAL APARTHEID.​

However, they (government) still acknowledge that there is a yawning gap between the “haves” and the “have-nots”.​

Thats why conscious effort through Labour government under then Prime minister Tony Blair in 1997 made consciousl effort by​ creating a Special social-economic INCLUSION Unit in his (Prime minister’s office) in terms of equitable access to services and opportunities especially for the ethnic minorities that is the Black & Ethenic minority (BME) social INCLUSION programme. That we now have an Asian Prime minister in 10 Downing street in remarkable MINDSET TRANSFORMATION in the British society so far. So it’s mindset transformation is possible (KYISOBOKA).

Therefore, as leaders this elusive question of MINDSET TRANSFORMATION has to be grappled with. Certainly it may seem a far cry in the wilderness because of the prevailing corruption in the vicinity but it cannot be ducked indefinitely. Sensitization of our people to reject the convulted politics of bribery a a building block in changing our people’s MINDSET.​


It undeniable fact that corruption in Uganda today is arguably at unprecedented levels. However these unprecedented level is here today because there was no viable wealth basket to steal from in the past. Today the good political environment has enabled blossoming of business and with it through our taxes the big basket of our consolidated fund and with that the attraction of these white-collar thieves.

The Idi Amin Congo Gold crisis or looting which Hon Daudi Ochieng successfully put on the Order paper in parliament in Obote 1 government is a testimony of the age-long patriotic efforts of sanitisation of our political economy.​

But this struggle then was at MACRO/BOURGEOISIE level and we are now saying that we need to get down to the MICRO/PROLETARIAT otherwise the masses through MINDSET TRANSFORMATION.


This white collar crime phenomena has eluded even the British society. The British in response to the growing number of corruption matters created what they called the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) this is the equivalent of the Inspector General of Government (IGG) in suranceUganda.

However, the high profile trial of the Maxwell brothers with Kevin Maxwell in the lead saw over £10 million British sterling pounds tax payers money from the consolidated fund go down the drain as the investigation and trials lasting years collapsed due to insufficient evidence threshold even when the ordinary eye could see the theft. This outcome eroded public confidence in the British government commitment to fighting white-collar crime.

Suffice to repeat again that corruption is a criminal offence but it’s a white collar crime. White collar offences tend to monouver and evade the standard prosecution evidence threshold. This is because the thieves engage the services of the elite like lawyers, accountants, doctors, engineers and IT experts and the list of professional experts is long and inexhaustible. Therefore the white-collar thief covers tracks.​

In Uganda where the IGG and the long arm of justice approaches a would be conviction we tend to see an uproar with well orchestrated village and district​ delegations of “have mercey on our son/daughter and protect him/her against the witch hunt”. This is the MINDSET TRANSFORMATION and sensitization lucking and this battle must be won for posterity.




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  1. Corruption is a lubricant to governance world over, even in the ancient world Joseph a Jew while serving as a chief minister under the pharaoh in Egypt offered more logistics to his people than even the indigenous people..
    Like in Russia,Saudi Arabia, Kenya and everywhere naturally resources go to those close to the ruling class.
    They may seem to be diverting resources meant for national development but that could be some sort of political patronage.
    It’s only when you’re outside the clique that you may realize and see reality of corruption but when you get incorporated you become docile,live example is NUP politicians who shouted the loudest that FDC were in bed with NRM on the plane of corruption.
    Where are they now? aren’t they eating quietly, where’s chairman PAC, which miracle has he excavated so far? Is it he mute like those he was castigating?
    So corruption is only relevant when you’re outside the establishment.
    Whether one is an opposition figure once he joins the system he becomes a culprit.
    It’s even better to join those eating openly than claiming to be opposition when you’re amassing unexplained wealth under the same system.
    Let all of us join the system other than some people hoodwinking us that they’re opposed to the eating when all signs show that they’re the most beneficiaries of the system they castigate during day time and embrace it during night time.

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