HYPOCRITE! Netizens Expose opportunistic Balaam over Kabaka hypocrisy

Balaam refuses to respect Buganda anthem

MK Project Marketer-in-Chief Balaam Barugahara must by now have appreciated that indeed the folly men do haunts them forever. This comes after some sharp Ugandans went down memory lane and retrieved footage in which he exhibited gross disdain and indifference to Buganda kingdom. Particularly, Balaam was captured comfortably sitting and unbothered as the Buganda anthem, Ekitiibwa Kya Buganda, was being sung.

The footage is in stark contrast to a recent one in which he was captured kneeling before the kabaka as the monarch made a surprise appearance at Imperial Resort Munyonyo.

At Munyonyo, the Kabaka who was at the lakeside hotel to cool off following grueling treatment abroad, met and freely interacted with his loyal subjects. Amidst the excitement however, Muhoozi marketer Balaam stole the show when he knelt to greet the Kabaka in an act of assumed reverence to the most powerful Muganda on earth. Following the viral footage, balaam also later announced that under the MK Army, had bought 1000 kits to support the kabaka birthday run slated for April 16th.

Balaam and his MK Army with the kits bought for the Kabaka run

But while Balaam would have wished to portray himself as a Kabaka diehard, some eagle-eyed Ugandans have already interpreted his new behaviors with a pinch of disdain. These detractors argue that Balaam could be pulling an opportunistic prank on the Kabaka and Buganda, whose youth are majorly diehards of NUP Party president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, a certified proud Muganda commonly known as Omubanda wa Kabaka in Mengo cultural circles.

Commenting on the photo, some netizens expressed their suspicion towards Balaam’s seemingly cunning behavior:

“Balaam is a skilled pretender banange,” Observed one Kylet. Meanwhile, Omuzira Kyagulanyi went bare knuckles on Balaam, remarking; Balaam refused to stand up when the Kitiibwa kya Buganda was played. I’m wondering where he’s getting this love today. Balaam and the Mughoozi’s SFC had the Kabaka under siege…” alluding to balaam’s opportunistic intentions, Naddia remarked, “balaam oba kati abaza kaki?”

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