HEALTH: MP Nandala Sponsors Over 200 Hernia Operations in a Remarkable Display of Generosity

By Emma Bwayo

In a remarkable act of philanthropy, Nathan Nandala Mafabi, the Member of Parliament for Budadiri West, has sponsored the costs of 214 hernia operations, along with the necessary post-operation care, for patients across the Bugisu Region. 

This initiative was brought to light by Rev Jackson Magombe, the director of operations and communications in the office of MP Budadiri West, over the weekend.

Rev Magombe revealed that MP Nandala has been consistently supporting hernia operations since 2003, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to the health and well-being of his constituents. 

Over the years, a staggering total of 402,000 patients have undergone successful operations and made a full recovery, thanks to the MP’s unwavering support.

The generous sponsorship covers not only the costs of the operations but also includes provisions for feeding and treatment. To ensure the highest quality of care, experts were hired to perform the surgeries on patients who were identified within a span of four months. 

This year’s operations commenced on November 4th and concluded on November 24th, showcasing the efficiency and dedication of the medical team involved.

Dr. Nabende, a leading surgeon, shed light on the nature of hernias, explaining that they occur when an organ protrudes through an opening in the muscle or tissue that normally holds it in place. 

While hernias are commonly found in the abdomen, between the chest and hips, they can also manifest in the upper thigh and groin areas. 

Dr. Nabende emphasized the importance of prioritizing one’s health, revealing that the average cost of hernia operations in Uganda amounts to 8M.



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