GOD TAKE ME NOW: Poison Feared As Asiya Last Moments Emerge

The last moments of fallen TikTok comedian reveal that Asiya made a distress call to God as suspected poison sucked life out of her!

This is according to confessions from her family members and friends who witnessed her final battle for life earlier this week.

Speaking to the media, Asiya’s sister revealed that doctors told them that their sister was poisoned due to the symptoms she exhibited prior to passing on.

Apparently, Asiya began complaining about stomach pains about three weeks ago but which were intermittent and would go on and off. However, the pain intensified on Sunday immediately after she returned from church service.

“As soon as she came back from church she began vomiting, which went on for two days non-stop. But during that time she became constipated, which forced our mum to rush her to a nearby clinic. There, she was given medication to stop the vomiting. On Tuesday, however, she began sweating incessantly and getting cold, upon which she was rushed to another clinic where a scan was done and she was found to have water in her lungs,” the sister narrated.


On Wednesday, however, Asiya’s condition is said to have deteriorated, forcing her to tell her sister that she knew her time to die had dawned.

“She came chasing me and told me she felt so much pain and begged God to take her in his arms if he wouldn’t heal her. That’s when mum rushed her to Mulago Hospital,” the sister added.

The Mulimira Zone LC1 Secretary for Women Affairs corroborated Asiya’s sister’s narrative, saying the comedian’s mum rushed to her when the daughter’s condition worsened. “She told us Asiya was badly off, so we escorted her to the clinic. However, Asiya kept telling me that Mama Peace I’m going to die,” she narrated.

Also keeping up with the poison narrative, the LC official said that the medic at the clinic recommended that Asiya be rushed to Mulago Hospital because her stomach had become so hard yet she was no longer responding to medication.

Further reports show that while at Mulago, scans showed that Asiya had perforated intestines which needed urgent operation. And indeed, she was operated on but passed on a few hours after the procedure. By press time, her body was at her home in Kamwokya, awaiting burial which is slated to take place at Kaliisizo, Greater Masaka.



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