Go make the noise! Bashaasha tasks RDCs on government programmes

By Richard Kintu

Resident District Commissioners (RDCs and RCCs) in Lango and Achoil sub-regions have been challenged to step out of their comfort zones and defend government from the harmful propaganda spread by the opposition and other self-seeking opportunists.

The call was made by Manifesto Implementation Unit (MIU) Director, Willis Bashaasha, during a two-day high level manifesto monitoring and validation regional workshop at Bomah Hotel, Gulu City.

The two-day workshop was aimed at tracking the progress of the manifesto commitments as well as reenergizing and redirecting manifesto implementation focal persons in the local governments to ensure that the service delivery agenda of the government remains on track for the ultimate benefit of the citizenry.

According to Bashaasha, the workshop is part of MIU’s field tours which are in line with the Units plan for FY 2022/2022 which is largely anchored on continuous monitoring, validation and popularization of the manifesto achievements.

And while addressing the Lango and Acholi RDCs, RCCs and their deputies, Bashaasha reminded them about their critical role as representatives of the president who then must ensure that all the government’s service delivery targets in their respective districts are fulfilled to the dot.

Babalanda (seated 3rd R) in a group photo with the RDCs, RCCs and DISOs at Bomah Hotel in Gulu Thursday

“I believe that from our deliberations you firmly appreciate that selfless service delivery also entails completing the cycle by communicating the progress, completion and availability of a project so that the citizens can exploit and use it for maximum benefit. Our contract with the masses is to serve them because that was their basis of choosing this government over the others who came forward with rival candidates in the elections,” Bashaasha said.

He warned the president’s men not to rest on their laurels, alerting them to the toxic propaganda which is being spread like a wild fire by different opportunists, thereby poisoning the minds of the public to believe that the NRM government has done nothing.

“When you look at all the national development indicators and even within your communities you see an endless trail of NRM achievements, which truly show that there has been a fundamental change. That should be enough capital to convince our people to support the government and embrace its programmes for socioeconomic development. However, many of us are quiet and have left the loud minority to point out a few weaknesses here and there to paint a picture of hopelessness within the population,” Bashaasha said. He added; “Please leave the offices and go to the mass media and in the communities to show the true picture which is the one of hope, prosperity and immense potential — that’s the change the government has brought to this nation.” Bashaasha also appealed to the RDCs to pay extra attention to the Parish Development Model (PDM) given its strategic importance as the core vehicle for accelerating wealth and job creation as well as improvement of service delivery to the Ugandan citizenry. He however cautioned the RDCs to coordinate so as to achieve coherence in their communication to avoid confusing the public and sending bad signals.

Coordination Very Key

The workshop was closed by the Minister for Presidency, Babirye Milly Babalanda who, on her part, reminded the RDCs that it is their cardinal responsibility to ensure that they supervise implementation of all Government programmes and projects in the Country.

She emphasized that this is the only way through which transparency and accountability to the population will be attained.

“I want to thank you all for your enormous contribution in ensuring that the implementation of Government programmes and Projects is well monitored. I however wish to caution you to always allow knowledge and logic to guide your decisions. For example, how and when should you monitor Government programmes and what should you look out for in that monitoring? The same questions should also apply to the other bit of your security roles,” she said.

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