“Girls Should Be Guided In Selecting Science-Related Subjects”

A jovial VP Alupo shares a light moment with Col. Edith Nakalema as others cheer on


President Museveni has observed the need to guide girls to choose science and ICT-related subjects to brighten their chances of getting employed in future.

According to the president, the NRM government prioritizes girls’ education, the reason it put the 1.5 points affirmative action at Makerere University which he says has helped to grow the numbers of women in higher education.

“The girls should be guided to choose science and ICT-related subjects to enhance their employability in future” Museveni said in a speech read by Vice President Maj. Jessica Alupo who represented him at the reunion of Kibubura SSS Old Girls’ Association [KIOGA] in Ibanda.

Museveni commended the Old Girls for flagging off the construction of a multipurpose science complex, which he said will ignite the passion of the girls to offer science courses through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

“I congratulate the Old Girls of Kibubura Girls S.S.S, for holding a successful reunion, to reflect on the past, assess the present and plan for the future of the school, which moulded you into responsible citizens. 

VP Alupo speaking to Bishop at the function

Kibubura Girls S.S.S is your alma mater; it is here, that you were nurtured into women of substance” he noted.

He also thanked Bishop Sheldon Mwesigwa, for mobilizing the Old Girls and giving strategic support to the Old Girls Association, KIOGA, to which he is a Patron.

Museveni borrowed the words of Dr. James Kwegyir Aggrey who once said educating a woman is educating the nation while educating a man is educating an individual.

“I thank the people of Ibanda for hosting this great institution and supporting it to fulfill the goal of educating girls and women. I also thank the people of Ibanda, for giving overwhelming support to the NRM party. I urge you to embrace all government programs, including the Parish Development Model, whose aim is to eliminate subsistence farming” he said.

He said the NRM Government has established what he called a solid foundation for Uganda’s development and socio-economic transformation. 

“However, development alone is not enough, though it must come first. Development is a collective good for everyone. However, wealth and jobs belong to individuals, families, groups or companies. There should not be spectators in the drive towards increasing the household incomes” he explained.

The president outlined the four major sectors for creating wealth and jobs as Commercial Agriculture, Industrialization, Services and ICT. 


This school was started in 1981 and was named after Julia Kibubura, the first woman Gomborora/county Chief in Uganda. According to the man from Rwakitura, history has it that Julia Kibubura was a traditional diviner of the Omugabe [Ankole king] but was among the first locals to accept Christianity. Her courage and fortitude as a woman in colonial times according to Museveni is an example for all to emulate.

“I congratulate North West Ankole Diocese, under the leadership of Rt. Rev Amos Magezi, for providing oversight and governance to the school. This has enabled the school to rise and shine in Western Uganda and nationally” he noted.



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