Gen. Museveni On Homosexuals: Are They So By Nature Or They Are Nurtured?

President Museveni has opened a new debate as regards homosexuals.
The head of state has even said that he will need time to have a discussion with parliament on this issue of LGBT.

This comes at a time when parliament is already in full gear to enact a new Anti-gay bill into law following a surge in incidents of homosexuality mainly in schools, churches among other public places. The bill is championed by Bugiri municipality MP Asuman Basalirwa with full backing of the speaker.

Museveni who however, emphasized that sex in African culture is a purely confidential issue, said there’s need to interrogate facts on whether same sex ‘predators’ are naturally born that way or it’s an issue of socialization.

“Sex in Africa is confidential. Even heterosexuals, you can’t publicise it. If that’s the case, how do we therefore, come to know that you’re a homosexual?” He asked as MPs went into rib-breaking laughter.
This was during his address to parliament chaired by speaker Anita Among at Kololo ceremonial grounds where he had come to address the house mainly on the Parish Development Model program.

The president said him and parliament shall get time to discuss the homosexuality matter thoroughly.
“Homosexuals are deviations from normal. Why? Is it by nature or by nurture? We need to answer those questions. The deviant; is he deviant by nature or by nurture? We need on opinion on that. We shall discuss it thoroughly” he said.

He however, had no kind words for the west whom he accused of forcing their culture on Africans yet Africans cannot force their onto them. He said in the west for example, incest is allowed where a family member can marry his or her cousin, something he said is a great taboo according to African norms.

“Here it’s a taboo (but) should we impose sanctions on them also? If they are marrying their cousins, that’s their problem” he said in a speech punctuated with ‘Iron Sheets’, Iron Sheets utterances by some members. The president however, ignored them although it attracted debate on social media platforms.

On NRM platform for example, members posted that ‘they have survived today but they have not survived. He needs them to feel comfortable” a member said on NRM platform.
On PDM, Museveni repeated his earlier commitments to deal with anyone who will embezzle these funds and those of Emyooga.

He said already, the wanainchi in Acholi recently briefed him on a number of tricks the PDM managers have coined to steal the funds by placing their own people on the executive committees running Saccos. The president also extended his condolences to the families of those who died of COVID, Ebola, Floods, and the recent accident that claimed four students in Gomba when a truck rammed into a school.

He directed state house comptroller Jane Barekye to extend Shs5m to each family of the the four killed students and Shs1m to the family of the injured students who are undergoing treatment.

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