Gen. Museveni Faces Travel Ban, As NRM Turns Into Limited Company

President Museveni

A secret plot to cause prosecution of President Yoweri Museveni in a foreign court with a view of causing travel sanctions against him has been exposed.
We have exclusively established that the project to implement this plot is being executed by his own group of NRM and is allegedly being hatched in the United Kingdom.

SG Todwong

Our Inspectors told us that already, the ruling party’s UK chapter has been hijacked by a group of people and have since registered it as a limited company. Under the NRM constitution, the party has several chapters in the diaspora among which includes that of United Kingdom and Ireland.

In exclusive details our Inspectors landed on, the party’s UK chapter is no longer subjected to the NRM constitution back in Uganda but is now subjected to the UK jurisdictions following a secret but successful plan to register it as a limited company.
According to details before us, a lady identified as Nalubega Ajara is reported to have gone behind the back of the UK chapter leadership and successfully got patent rights on the ruling party’s UK chapter taking it as a personal company.

Patrick asiimwe

The details suggest that this has since sparked a serious battle among NRM UK chapter honchos led by a one Patrick Asiimwe who accuse their colleagues of working for the interests of those wanting to drag Museveni to foreign courts with a view of causing trouble for him.

Apparently, NUP has allegedly been working on a plan to see that Museveni and some of his men face court on allegations of human right violations. However, this dream has all along been a difficult one until a project to use his own party structures to prosecute him came up.

“NUP is planning to bring several suits against NRM chairman. By registering our UK chapter and subjecting it to the laws of UK, it means Museveni adversaries are going to sue him as NRM chairperson. He will be summoned in UK courts to answer those charges. If he doesn’t appear, the case will be determined. The whole idea is to cause for a warrant of arrest against him once convicted on absentia” an inspector explained.

According to the plan, though the complainants will not necessarily serve NRM headquarters at Kyaddondo, they will serve the now registered company (NRM UK chapter Limited) to answer the intended charges of gross human rights violations.
“NRM has now submitted to the jurisdictions of UK since it’s now registered under it’s laws as a company.

The intended suits although they will not originate from Uganda, it (suit against NRM limited) binds it’s parent subsidiary at Kyaddondo. Therefore, the actions they (NUP) are contemplating in the alleged human rights abuse; if it’s a court order, they can arrest him (Museveni) from abroad” an inspector added.

The inspector went on ‘a default judgement can be entered. Therefore, the petitioner may be granted all his prayers if he (Museveni) fails to appear in court. Unless our legal team at Kyaddondo and the party chairman himself takes a keen interest in the affairs of the party at UK chapter, things may not be good soon’

According to Inspectors, NRM needs to quickly come out and make a legal argument to the UK courts and disassociate itself from the NRM UK chapter Limited company before it’s too late. It should also immediately order it’s EC boss Tanga Odoi to hold elections for the legitimate NRM UK Chapter before it even thinks of holding elections for NRM structures at grassroot level.

“Imagine a day when a suit is filed and determined without us knowing. The president may face travel sanctions like it was done to Omar Bashir”

the inspector explained.

It was also revealed that besides the secret plot of causing litigation, there is also a plan to register all NRM chapters abroad and turn them into limited companies.

When all this is finalized, the plotters plan to use these very structures and demand transition in NRM leadership at Namboole delegates conference. The plan is to kick out Museveni from NRM chairmanship the way former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe was kicked out of ZANU-pf leadership and therefore statehouse.

We were informed that the project to register NRM as a limited company started in the US but this failed to succeed after authorities in the US rejected the word ‘Resistance’.
“By registering it as NRM, it was bound to attract the attention of FBI. Their issue was what are you Resisting? So, it failed because of the word ‘Resistence’. But now, it has succeeded in the UK” our Inspectors reported.


Meanwhile, the NRM UK chapter is on fire. Led by a one Patrick Asiimwe, it has turned guns against Nalubega accusing her of being a huge mole being used to cause misery for president Museveni.

“The reasons that led to the establishment of the NRM UK & Ireland Chapter in 2004 lay in the vigorous, destructive & unpatriotic activities of the opposition Reform Agenda & subsequently FDC.
The same reasons and indeed political environment pertains to date as the People Power otherwise NUP of Robert Kyagulanya (Bobi Wine) even more vigorous and subtle in its political adventure” he says in a missive directed to Nalubega but seen by this news site.

He says the Bobi Wines claim that President Museveni is too old and that he is ‘shamelessly’ clinging to Power with a bunch of old people.
“This is the same argument you are now advancing and the legitimate question that follows is; on whose behalf are you doing it?
The answer is obvious you are doing it and advancing the old song and lost cause of “Togtikwatako”. It’s therefore by extension an attack on our Great Chairman of the Great NRM Party President Museveni” he said adding that Nalubega is wearing a sheep’s skin but on a mission.
“How can one justify the incoporporation of NRM UK & Ireland Chapter as a profit making business entity when even our great Chairman opposes membership of NRM based on financial subscription?” He ranted.


He said the latest developments which he described as illegal will definately lead to concerted litigation against the Parent NRM Party in Uganda in UK Courts of Law.

“The legal effect is that its arguably deemed as a subsidiary company of the parent NRM domiciled in Uganda and therefore triggers the legal doctrine of VICARIOUS LIABILITY” he said.
The NRM UK Chapter Company registration number is 12920779.

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