Ethiopian Govt Beefs Up Security Of Foreign Diplomats In The Capital As War With Tigray Rebels Rages On

Tigray rebels

All diplomatic missions in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia have been issued with new security guidelines to be followed from tomorrow Wednesday; the News site reports.

According to a letter addressed to all diplomatic missions accessed by our Inspectors, the government through it’s ministry for foreign affairs has directed that no mission should hold an event whether on its premises or in another location without first informing the government. The government wants also to know the number of participants in the event, when it begins and when it will end, all submitted in advance before the event takes place.

It is not expressly clear why this is being done but what we know is that the government of Ethiopia is currently faced with a problem of Tigray rebels which it calls terrorists. The rebels a few days ago picked up arms again in total violation of a cease fire agreement signed in March and news circulated that government troops (ENDF) had even shot down a cargo plane from a neighboring country that was allegedly ferrying weapons to the rebels. The rebels however, also blame government of restarting the war.

The Ethiopian government now says in it’s communication that the current situation in the country has necessitated new security measures for diplomats and their mission staff.
“The current circumstances in the country have necessitated that government takes additional precautionary measures. This measure concerns discharge of its protection responsibilities to guarantee the safety and security of diplomatic and consular staff and premises in the country” the letter reads in part.

It goes on ‘for this purpose, the ministry of foreign affairs-Ethiopia requires all diplomatic and consular missions in the capital to provide advance information in writing to their respective Directorate Generals of the ministry whenever they organize gatherings on the grounds of official premises or other locations’

The government says such communication should contain sufficient clarity indicating the number of participants and all details regarding the event.

“When they see the need, missions could also include a request for security assistance from the government” the ministry said, adding that government is committed to continued protection of all diplomats in the country.



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