Speaker Among Stops Nyege Nyege Dance, Joins Ex-Minister Tim Lwanga Who Stopped Vagina Monologues!

The Speaker of Parliament Anita Annet Among has joined former State Minister for Ethics and Integrity Tim Lwanga in stopping alleged immoral festivals in the country.

Anita today took a bold decision when she decreed that the planned Nyege Nyege festival that was to take place in Jinja’s Itanda falls is morally dreadful to be allowed on Uganda’s soil.
According to the organisers, the festival was due to take place next week September 15-18 and that over 300 artists from across the globe were to attend.

However, Speaker Anita Among insists the festival is immoral and only intended to promote homosexuality and other related vices to spoil children.
“We are talking about the morals of this country. We are talking about our children and you’re trying to promote tourism at the expense of our children? We are not going to allow that function to take place. How do you sell tickets at the expense of people’s children? You’re promoting gays in Uganda. I am saying; no such a function should take place in Uganda” Anita said.

Anita’s directive comes exactly 17 years after former state minister for ethics and integrity Tim Lwanga in 2005 also stopped a similar event organised by women activists.
The women had planned to stage a vulgar play called “The Vagina Monologues” but government through Tim Lwanga banned it, saying it was meant to promote lesbianism and other related immoral acts in the country.

The activists however, claimed the play was supposed to show why women should pride in their private part.
Nyege Nyege festival has always been held at Itanda falls with some people raising concerns over it but authorities feared to intervene.

Those who attend it appear in tattered dresses and pants almost next to a nude show. They booze, dance and puff, making revellers especially gals vulnerable to any forms of abuse and influence.
This situation could therefore, have forced speaker Anita to intervene on behalf of other parents.
The function returns after two years of stoppage arising from COVID-19 lockdown.
On social media, those advertising it have faced rude comments from several social media users especially on Facebook.

Rojax Kelly for example says ‘But this show is not allowed in our culture’
Another user Richard Sonko posted in Luganda cursing the event and only prayed for heavy downpour to flood the venue.

As for Jim Craw, he asked for Father Lokodo (RIP) to return and stop the function.
“Fr. Lokodo where are you?” He screamed.
Others like Swabur Mbatya said that ‘Go and enjoy your immorality. Your time will come. Allah is patient but his anger is bitter than the way we think’
Aminah Jawad says ‘Shame on you’ (organizers).

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