Credit Crunch Hits Gov’t Lower Staff, None Scientists Most Affected

Ramathan Ggoobi

By Israel Ssettuba

A state of uncertainty has hit most governmnent workers especially those who earn lower salaries.
Inspectors said most of them especially lower cadres from U-5 up U-8 have failed to return children to school over hiked school fees and other demands.

We’re told majority of them are running up and down to look for salary top up loans while others who had refused to take loans are storming banks to request for loans, never mind the high interest rates.

To make matters worse, we’re told some Ministries up to now have not yet paid salaries to their staff yet they are supposed to receive salaries by 28th of the month.

“This Government does not recognize none scientist workers. They only increased salaries for scientists and with a big gap in salary, we have failed to take our children back to school! To make matters worse, even January salary has failed to come to our accounts”. One of the Government workers was overheard telling a colleague in one of the banks where he hard gone to seek for a school fees loan for his children.

“Can you imagine, I get five hundred fifty as my monthly salary, my rent is two hundred thousand, this is minus water, electricity bills, feeding, hospital bills, daily transport to my work station and other expenses. The permanent Secretary in my Ministry stopped all the allowances we used to get as lower cadres, we are now depending entirely on salary, some of my colleagues have even gone back to their villages to sell their land in order to take their children back to school. What sort of Government is this? Added an inspector.

The more information we have gathered indicates that some Permanent Secretaries are so heartless to the extent that they delay to pay salaries to ensure that their staff suffer the most because for them they get everything in time.

“Even when Ggoobi quarterly releases to the Ministries, those little funds ends up in big officers pockets only leaving the lower cadres to survive on their own” ranted an inspector.



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