Chaos, Bitter Fights Rock NRM UK Chapter

SG Todwong

By John Okello Lapok

For now, there are about four factions said to be representing NRM in the United Kingdom; this News site reports!
This state of animosity is reported to be courtsey of a very active opposition which is said to have infilitrated and caused these splinter groups. It’s reported these very groups are partly the ones pushing for elections in that chapter.

“The reason for these agitations is that the NRM led by Patrick Asiimwe has over stayed. They argue that the only chairman allowed to overstay is President Museveni” says an Inspector knowledgeable about the plot.

Already, the NRM secretariat has allegedly designated 3/09/2022 as the day for holding these elections.

The original NRM UK & Ireland chapter was founded by Patrick Asiimwe and Peter Magomu Mashate the latter also being the General Secretary NRM Diaspora League while Asiimwe-Chairman NRM UK chapter. On the other hand, Asiimwe also doubles as the interim Diaspora League Chairman as was recently recognised in Canada & Munich Germany NRM conventions that were attended last month by SG Richard Todwong and minister Ruth Nankabirwa. With Asiimwe being designated as interim chairman of Diaspora league, it bordered on a coup having been staged against Haj. Abbey Kigozi Walusimbi who all along had been the Chairman Diaspora league.

It’s claimed that Asiimwe made the UK chapter the most vibrant to the extent this is the only NRM Chapter that has managed to host President Museveni on three occasions.

In addition, this is also the only Chapter that operated a radio station opened by it’s members.

This same Chapter has even managed to lure investors including Ugandan Asians to establish a paper industry/factory in namanve along Jinja road amongst other investments by international investors.

However, Inspectors suggested that unfortunately, because of it’s works all over, it exposed itself to alot of enemies all the time.
The initial chaos began with a splinter group allegedly led by a one Yusufu Musoke and another group was led by a one Drake Wakame.

We’re told at some point these factions started struggling to control the Chapter, but were fought off by the Patrick Asiimwe faction which founded the Chapter.

However, when COVID-19 broke out, it didn’t spare the operations of the chapter as it became inactive and it is here that the bean weevils struck!


It’s alleged that NUP has always wanted to render this chapter useless and also take over its leadership. Hence, Inspectors claim it’s members have secretly been pushing for overhaul of the current leadership so that it can successfully penetrate the chapter.

Faced with these splinter groups SG Hon Todwong stepped in by calling for a zoom meeting of the factions, in which meeting he instructed each camp/faction to bring 5 people. These now 15 people would form a steering committee, which would in turn organise for elections for the whole Chapter.

“The steering committee was unfortunately, infiltrated by a group of people who no one seems to know their background. But absurdly, the steering committe, instead of doing the work it was supposed to do, it now assumed the powers of a Chapter. It became a faction fighting off the the original faction that founded the NRM UK Chapter” an inspector explained.

In the meantime the three faction leaders, including Patrick Asiimwe, Yusuf Musoke and Drake Wakame reportedly came to a reconciliation.

It is now feared that with the proposed elections, the NUP activists seem to have finally gotten total access to the chapter as the polls are knocking for next month.

It’s said that unfortunately, someone in the names of Allan was allegedly appointed to oversee the program and yet he’s a relatively new person in the UK.

“Apart from cleaning up their mess, they appointed him mainly through him to convince the SG and hence the secretariat, that everything being done in UK is ok, when actually, the opposite is true” says an Inspector warning that this act may be directed towards soiling the name of the good SG who may not be fully aware of the mess.

Now, what’s being suggested is that in order to restore sanity, the elections need to be called off until the NRM National delegates conference which is constitutionally provided for and summoned by the party chairman.

“There are dubious people collecting money for the purported elections. These are the same people who collected a lot of money sometime back and nothing was shown.
The purported Chapter elections are fake and are only meant to fulfil the to take over all chapters by Bobi Wine agents and start holding protests with a lot of ease” says an Inspector.

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