Cabinet Reshuffle Peeps Up As Gen. Museveni Probes Kadaga-Nandala Relations


In making the current cabinet, President Museveni received four names for consideration for top positions in cabinet including vice president and prime minister.

Two names were forwarded by the Anglican church and two were from Catholic. The Anglicans forwarded Amelia Kyambadde and Ruth Nankabirwa while the Catholics forwarded Justine Kasule Lumumba and JC Muyingo.

Even as they forwarded these names, the president was thinking otherwise. He put aside the four names on the two top positions and opted for his former intelligence officer Maj. Jessica Alupo as Vice President and Robinah Nabbanja as Prime Minister.

He instead named Nankabirwa minister for Energy while Lumumba was posted as minister for general duties serving under Nabbanja, while Amelia Kyambadde was left out completely and JC Muyingo remained in his state ministerial job in education.

As the clock for making changes in cabinet now spots a yellow light (get ready mode), our Inspectors have given us a hint on what Museveni is doing in shaping his new lineup!


A few days ago, Museveni made what he baptized as a ‘private visit’ to Mbale (read Bugisu). He went with his daughter Natasha Karugire and visited the family of his fallen comrade Maumbe Mukhwana. However, even as the visit later appeared on social media, there was a secret to this visit.

Inspectors said his visit was prompted by an intelligence report by his Office at Kyambogo suggesting that FDC honcho Nandala Mafabi was allegedly making a secret mobilization whose main agenda is not yet clear. Already, there are rumors in Bugisu that Nandala wants to stand for FDC presidency and therefore president in 2026.

But even as this goes on, we’re told, Nandala and FDC whip John Baptist Nambeshe are doing Mobilization which might result into a bigger alliance between him and Robert Kyagulanyi now that the NUP principal is (reportedly) curtailed from traversing the country politically.

With this intel already giving the system sleepless nights, a fresh Intel from Kyambogo suggested that Gen. Museveni a few days ago was allegedly alarmed to learn that his 1st deputy premier Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga had bestowed onto Nandala a very big role of mobilizing all politicians for Namugongo martyrs day. It’s not clear whether the head of state wasn’t consulted before this decision was arrived at. However, according to Kadaga, she only communicated a position made by a senior clergy in Eastern Uganda. Nandala is in charge of mobilizing the political leaders in the Eastern region particularly Bugisu and Sebei subregions, implying that he will network with especially local councilors since they are very closer to the masses. This is where the source of trouble is!

“This means, he now has a chance to interface with politicians at grassroots with ease. What will happen after this event? Is someone monitoring his lists (contacts) and what he will tell them thereafter?” An inspector revealed, adding that all this information is what Jjajja Museveni is probing.

The theme of this year according to Rt. Hon. Kadaga is ‘United for sustainable service and growth’. 

According to Mama Kadaga who’s the Anglican chairperson organizing committee-Eastern Dioceses, the chair of the Eastern cluster Bp Samuel Bogere Egesa, identified Nandala as the leader of the central zone including the three dioceses of Mbale, North Mbale and Sebei. 

In effect according to Kadaga, in a letter before Museveni, Nandala is in charge of Mbale diocese covering the districts of Mbale city, Mbale district, Manafwa District, Buduuda and Namisindwa while North Mbale has Sironko and Bulambuli in addition to Sebei which has Kapchorwa, Kween and Bukwo districts.

Kadaga suggests that this year, the Anglican site will host not less than 35000 pilgrims from across Uganda, East Africa and beyond.

In her letter to Nandala dated April 13 2023 seen by our Inspectors, the Kamuli woman MP asked Nandala to do the Mobilization of all political heads in the zones under his mandate to ensure what she called inclusive participation in the preceding activities and on the D-Day.

“On this note, I also invite you to a planning meeting of the National executive committee to take place on April 27 at the Anglican site starting at 10am. I appreciate your support and endeavor” Kadaga told Nandala in a letter chanced on by our Inspectors.

Our Inspectors now suggest that news of this letter and role to Nandala reached Museveni and his intelligence informed him about it’s dangers. The president according to Inspectors was informed about it by Kyambogo and he henceforth put boots on the ground resulting into his visit to Mbale a few days ago to lay more contacts on Nandala’s dealings. He’s also said to be working the phone with his intelligence teams in Bugisu so as to get a clear picture of what Nandala is up to.

“He was informed Nandala is mobilizing and this is going to make NRM chances in Bugisu quite challenged. Nandala is building networks using this role and it might be too bad for us if we don’t do counter checks and counter Mobilization” says an Inspector.

We’re told, the president is alive to Intel that there’s an alleged plan for Eastern region to vote as a bloc in the coming elections but not for the NRM so that if time comes for power sharing, the region will have a strong voice in the post election governmnent.

It should be recalled that Busoga sub-region ‘rejected’ Gen. Museveni in the last election and voted Bobi Wine. Out of the 11 districts and a City in Busoga, Museveni survived narrowly in only the three districts of Namutumba, Buyende and Kaliro while in Bugisu, NUP also won some seats and FDC, both oppositon parties.

Our Inspectors said the president now has gone back to the drawing board to redesign his list of potential appointees particularly in eastern region so as to counter this alleged Nandala threat. In Bugisu where Nandala hails from for example, inspectors suggested Museveni received three names including Kayagi Netelesire whose anticipated entry into cabinet is premised on the fact that the president wants to maintain some power in Southern Bugisu where two of their daughters Maria Goreti Kitutu and Agnes Nandutu are said to be on their way out arising from their ongoing iron sheets saga. Netelesire who’s from Namisindwa which was chopped from Manafwa will feel this gap unless something happened last evening.

The other two names include London-based Barrister Peter Magomu Mashate who was also NRM Diaspora League SG and Eng. Irene Muloni from Bulambuli.

 Bugisu currently has four ministers including Godfrey Gidudu, Magode Ikuya, Agnes Nandutu and Maria Goreti Kitutu. With the two female ministers facing criminal charges in court, it leaves Gidudu and Ikuya in the race but according to Inspectors, one of these two men will have to be retired but will be deployed as SPA and retain his salary of a minister. The idea is to create a position for three new entrants capable of winning a constituency each in order to keep NRM in Bugisu afloat. Mashate we’re told is being prepared to raid Nandala’s Budadiri West constituency while Netelesire and Muloni are already women MPs on NRM ticket.

“Magode was appointed for personal emancipation and his historical ties with Museveni. He has no constituency neither does he intend to have one given his age. Gidudu is a CEC member and MP for elderly. As you can see, none of them has a direct constituency in Bugisu. Besides, CEC members are all paid and aren’t in cabinet except a few like Chris Baryomunsi who only came in to silence those Bakigas having lost the position of SG under Amama Mbabazi” an inspector explained.

We’re told besides Bugisu, Museveni is also hunting for a replacement in ministry for finance. Initially, inspectors said the president was grooming Amos Lugoloobi to replace Jjajja Matia Kasaija who had requested to be deployed in Bank of Uganda although Museveni wanted him to go to ministry for gender, labour and social development. Unfortunately, like Kasaija, Lugoloobi also soiled his name by involving himself in the shoddy iron sheets scandal which earned him a free passport to Luzira and Anti-Graft court.

Other names being considered for appointment include Amelia Kyambadde who’s said to be the main challenger to premier Robinah Nabbanja in her post as prime minister. She’s supposed to return and also return to the political trenches of Mawokota north currently under musician Dr. Hilderman Mazongoto real names Hillary Kiyaga. Other names include Rose Nyakikongoro, Lillian Aber, Charles Ayume, Junjura Bigirwa and former EALA speaker Dan Kidega who’s also said to be being groomed to replace Jacob Lokori Oulanyah as Northern region NRM vice chairperson. The reshuffle is expected shortly after June. Watch this space!


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