Bobi Wine Orders NUP soldiers on Kulayigye as Mwesigwa Flaunts ‘Torture Dollars’

National Unity Platform (NUP) President Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine has issued a shocking directive to his supporters on how to deal with UPDF spokesperson, Brig. Felix Kulayigye.

While speaking at the vigil to pay last respects to fallen party lawyer Anthony Wameli at the party offices in Bwaise, Bobi Wine ordered his foot soldiers to “forgive” Kulayigye and also advocate for his treatment.

Bobi’s statement was in response to calls by a section of Ugandans to President Museveni to sack Brig. Felix Kulayigye for putting the force into disrepute.

The calls followed Kulayigye’s parading of Eric Mwesigwa as a witness of alleged kidnap and torture of National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters by their own party.

Mwesigwa shocked all and sundry when he showed up at an impromptu press conference to pin NUP officials led by a one King Zari on abducting him and torturing him. He made the claims in total contradiction of earlier statements in which he accused security forces attached to CMI of kidnapping him in a Drone and torturing him.

Narrating his ordeal to NUP supremo Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine at the party headquarters in Kamwokya, Mwesigwa revealed how gunmen driving the famous ‘Drone’ car kidnapped him and took him into illegal detention where they tortured him asking him to tell them what Bobi Wine and his party were up to.

While sobbing uncontrollably, he showed bruises and ghastly burn wounds that he said were inflicted upon him during the torture ordeal.

Mwesigwa’s plight elicited public outcry, with many people calling for government action to stop these acts of tyranny.

Later, Bobi Wine would speak out on the matter, calling the security’s torture of Mwesigwa ‘despicable’.

“They abducted him and tortured him asking what Bobi Wine and NUP are planning to do to “overthrow the Government. What a group of cold-hearted criminals!” Bobi Wine posted on his social media handles.

Kulayigye Refutes Mwesigwa Narrative

Following this uproar, Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) spokesman, Brig. General Felix Kulayigye rebuffed Mweisgwa’s claim, saying he was not anywhere in security detention or hands.

“Having done a thorough check on all security agencies, it has been established that one Eric Mwesigwa was not in the hands of any security agency. We advise him to go to the Uganda Human Rights Commission and report to the police so that we can commence an intensive investigation,” Kulayigye said. Kulayigye lambasted Bobi Wine and his NUP followers for being on a mission to isolate government both regionally and internationally through their incessant torture stories.

Mwesigwa Turns Around

After Kulayigye’s claims, Mwesigwa later came out, raising alarm that he was being trailed by some suspicious elements. Shortly thereafter, Mwesigwa vanished.

This week, however, Mwesigwa suddenly resurfaced at Mbuya, flanked by Brig. Kulayigye in a press conference. He then narrated how he was kidnapped by NUP, whom he alleged to have drones and illegal detention centres from where they torture their supporters. Mwesigwa claimed that this is done to discredit the government and that in return, the torture victims are paid millions for the deals.

“I was lured in by National Unity Platform leaders who promised that they would pay me Shs50m if I agreed to get tortured so as to cast the government in bad light,” he said, also flanked by his alleged brother identified as Joseph Kaddu,. He added that the NUP bosses led by King Zari, one of Bobi’s bodyguards, promised to send him abroad and change his life.

Bobi stings Kulayigye over Boomerang Shame

In parading Mwesigwa, Kulayigye intended to discredit Bobi Wine, probably hoping to decisively end his anti-government crusade once and for all. However, it is now apparent that this aim wasn’t achieved, with many people finding Mwesigwa’s claims and demeanor during the presser as highly suspicious. Among these include Museveni supporters Isma Olaxes aka Jajja Ichuli, who blasted Kulayigye and his group for miserably failing in their Bobi smear campaign. Olaxes was backed by social critic cum music promoter Alfonse Mukasa aka Bajjo Events, Who on his part believes Kulayigye’s ill-advised move ended up promoting Bobi Wine other than discrediting him.

“Saying Bobi wine has capacity to abduct people and torture them is like admitting that the state has failed and so it is Bobi Wine running it. That is a very big indictment on the government and the security apparatus,” Bajjo said. He added; “all schemes to frame and taint bobi wine have failed, meaning the only way NRM can succeed to put him down is by improving service delivery.”

Now, buoyed by public disdain towards Kulayigye, Bobi Wine has come out to heap more misery on the UPDF publicist, taunting him for continuing to expose government’s insincerity as regards the kidnaps and torture of Ugandans.

At Wameli’s vigil, Bobi Wine admitted that indeed NUP struggled to raise funds to repatriate the lawyer’s body. He however attributed the exorbitant amounts that were needed to the breakdown of the health system back home which cannot necessitate reasonable treatment for citizens who have to be flown abroad; unlike before.

According to Bobi Wine, NUP’s struggles in that regard make it laughable for people like Kulayigye to parade people claiming that a party which can fail to raise money to treat or repatriate a high ranking member’s remains can afford a Shs50m bribe for stage-managing torture. It is at this juncture that Bobi appealed to his supporters to forgive Kulayigye as well as other NUP foot soldiers who betray the cause by ‘eating’ (cutting deals with government.

“I know sometimes many of you develop fear or even ‘eat’ but I want to encourage all of you to pray for our aggressors like Kulayigye and also pray that he gets treated,” Bobi said while urging supporters to emulate late Wameli by remaining committed to the cause.

Mwesigwa flaunts dollars

Meanwhile, security suffered another blow in its anti-Bobi ‘smear’ campaign when Eric Mwesigwa excitedly splashed hundreds of dollars on social media, just days after appearing at a presser with brig. Kulayigye.

Mwesigwa’s act has left many Ugandans shocked especially after he revealed that NUP failed to give him any money as had been promised to him.

Mwesigwa’s actions have led many Ugandans to splatter social media with media cutouts of similar torture victims who claimed they were paid by the state to falsely pin Bobi Wine and other opposition politicians like Kizza Besigye (in the Kyakuwa rape case). Prominent among the cutouts include those of NUP founder Mzee Moses Nkonge Kibalama who like Mwesigwa, kept giving contradicting statements about Bobi Wine and NUP once he fell into the control of the security system.

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