9th House Women MPs Rush To Uganda Cancer Institute For Cancer Screening

Former Women MPs at Mulago for Cancer Screening

Female members in the 9th parliament have rushed to Uganda Cancer Institute for screening on numerous cancerous illnesses.

We got it credibly that the former legislators some of whom returned to the current parliament are not taking things lightly as the deadly cancer continues to ravage many high ranking governmnent officials.

As if to respond to Chief Justice Alphonse Dollo’s advice last week during the memorial service for the late justice George Kakuru where the head of judiciary advised leaders to always go for routine medical checkup, the former legislators enjoined in their Visionary Women group stormed Mulago today morning for screening.

“You know many people wait until they are critically ill to start making such body tests. We’re saying no. Let’s do it early enough and if any of us needs treatment, it can be given before it’s too late. This is just a checkup for us to know our body status” says an Inspector.
The group by press time had converged at the UCI and each of them held consultations with the doctors before they headed to Mulago Women’s hospital for further tests on illnesses that affect women.

“As women, we have many illnesses that attack us. This is why we’re going to the women’s hospital to get tested and checked on some of those illnesses. We encourage even others to make these tests so that they can get treatment in time” an inspector said.

Former Women MPs at Mulago for Cancer Screening

In the pictures we got, some of the women included Rosemary Nyakikongoro, Caroline Okao Amali, Florence Mutyabule, Amoit Judith Mary, Sarah Lanyero (who heads the group), Silyvia Namabidde, Namara Grace among others. Well the pictures are here.



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