“Wives Must Accept The Authority Of Their Husbands”

The couple making fresh vows presided over by Rev. Nkuubi John



Wakiso and its surrounding areas came to a standstill over the weekend as one of the humble couples in district paralyzed most of the streets around the district headquarters as they marked 45 years in marriage!

Mr. Lule Wilberforce and his wife Sarah Nabaggala met in October 1977 and decided to stay as husband and wife with the blessing of their parents. The now ageing lovebirds; upon Lule paying dowry, stayed for three years without official wedding until they finally said ‘I DO’ to each other in a colorful ceremony that took place at St. James Kavumba C/U near the district headquarters in 1980.

It is this same church where they; over the weekend went back on Saturday [September 2 2023] and made fresh marriage vows to each other in a colorful ceremony presided over by Rev. John Nkuubi.

The couple arrived in a Mercedez Benz, the same type of vehicle they cruised on their initial wedding day in 1980!

The couple shortly after church service

In his sermon, Rev. Nkuubi commended the couple for sticking together to date. The youthful man of God who is barely a year in marriage described marriage as a challenging journey which can only be walked basing on the pillars of respect, tolerance and fearing God.

“On earth, we talk of different journeys we make but even marriage is a journey. I am happy to be part of this [ceremony]. I thank the LULEs for taking us for an outing. Indeed 45years are not easy. For sure, [Lule] you were very wise to wed Sarah earlier enough because if you hadn’t done so, you would have missed a beautiful wife. I also thank Mom [Sarah] for this journey” the Man of God said quoting Psalms 103 and 1Peter 3:1-8. 

He lectured that people need to understand the difference between holy marriage and cohabitation. Nkuubi said those who are married have got what he called shared values and unique ways.

“For example, for us who are married we celebrate which is not the same with those who cohabit” he said adding that women need to submit to authority of their husbands quoting 1Peter 3:1-8.

The couple with the best man and matron pose for a picture

“I thank Sarah for being obedient to your husband. I urge ladies to be obedient to your husbands. Serve them with good food and give them peace [of mind]. Men don’t need love. They need care. When you kneel down for him, he will love you” he counseled amid wild cheers from the congregation.

He noted that since couples come from different families they therefore have different backgrounds. He said the most critical role is played by the wife who must ensure that there is always peace at home.

“The wife keeps peace in the home. Lule, love your wife. I am sure you have moved this far because you respect your wife. I urge all men to stop undermining your wives. They play a big role in the family. They do a lot. Respect your wives. They are naturally weak. They need to be supported. Let your wife feel respected in every opinion she makes. If she asks for some money, give her” Rev. Nkuubi counseled attracting a thunderous applause from the joyful congregation.

He challenged the couple to continue supporting each other, noting that at their current age, its important they concentrate on making peace. He urged their children to always support their ageing parents so that they can live longer. 

The Lules arriving at their home in Mabombwe

After the service, the couple hosted their guests at their home in Mabombwe village. The event was attended by people of all walks of life from the districts of Wakiso itself, Mukono, Sironko, Mityana, Butambala and Kampala. With music playing as loud as Russian SU-35 bombers, the brief speeches came from the couple, Mothers Union, Fathers Union, Children, Grandchildren, In-Laws, Politicians and above all, the parents of the bridegroom. The eats appeared in plural form with chicken wings, thighs, meat and of course greens ruling the main menu. The function was crowned with Mr. Lule giving his wife a Land Title as a sign of appreciation for her hard work and efforts to nurture his family and home.

Speaking on behalf of the children, Henry Mulindwa said the celebration was a big challenge to them.

“Its really a big journey that no one can walk unless you’re truly determined. It requires a lot of tolerance; a virtue that lacks among most youthful couples. But we shall continue looking up to our parents for guidance and see how we can also reach that stage. We thank our mother for standing with dad in all situations right from the bush war. It wasn’t easy. May God bless her” he said and also thanked dad for being there for mother.  

The couple after making their fresh vows


Lule met Sarah in October 1977 and shortly after their wedding in 1980, Gen. Museveni waged war against Milton Obote government. When Museveni captured Wakiso areas, Lule became secretary to the resistance council until things became worse and they were forced to flee their home. They moved in the jungles of Luweero, Kiboga, Mubende, Mityana until they finally settled in Kayunga [Bugerere] where they stayed until the war ended. Upon return to Mabombwe, Lule was made RC 1 for many years overseeing distribution of relief items to IDP returnees on the village including hoes, blankets, sugar, drugs, among others. He vividly recalls the days he and his colleagues carried food to NRA troops in Mondelane camp [Luweero] and would come across NRA rebel leader Yoweri Museveni riding on a vesper [motorcycle] with a spear on it. Museveni used to conceal his identity in many ways in order to dupe the UNLA enemy. Lule however, says he lost his home during the war and nothing in form of compensation has ever come his way in spite of his contribution. The couple does subsistence farming for survival although they want a dairy unit. Well, watch this small video clip!



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