“We Must End Poverty If Faithfuls Are To Meaningfully Contribute To Church Projects”-Gen. Museveni

VP Alupo leads other dignitaries including minister Ondoa, MP Amongin in fundraising

President Yoweri Museveni has rallied all Religious leaders to join hands with government in its wealth creation campaign to eliminate poverty. 

He says once the problem of poverty in the homes is solved,

Christians will be empowered to meaningfully contribute money to the Church Construction Projects.

The head of state says poverty in Uganda arises from the fact that 39%of the households are still engaged in subsistence farming. 

“They are still working only for food. This is dangerous because in addition to food, there are other human wants required to live a happy and long life. The human needs have a monetary value, meaning; they can only be obtained through the medium of money” he said in a speech delivered by Vice President Maj. Jessica Alupo who represented him at a fundraising ceremony for Regina Caeli Cathedral and St. Peters Parish-Soroti.

VP Alupo hands over Museveni’s contribution to the Bp. Eciru

Museveni noted that it is no longer sustainable for any Ugandan to live outside the money economy and such a person expects to attain a happy life.

He said there’s need to strangle subsistence farming because it represents poverty and backwardness.

The ordained priests prostrating before the BP


The president commended the Church for its continued partnership with government in uplifting people’s standards  of living through construction of schools, hospitals among others.

Museveni noted that such partnership clearly indicates that the Church cares about the material needs of the believers. “Spiritual nourishment is important; but, it is not the only aspect of the Christian ministry. A holistic and relevant ministry must express equal concern for the physical needs of the faithful” Jjajja Museveni said through his workholic 2iC Alupo.

VP Alupo in a group photo with other leaders

He lectured that while here on earth, the believers too, have physical needs that must be satisfied among which includes food, clothes, shelter and medicine. He said much of these require touching deep inside one’s pockets to be able to access them.

He advised that there are four sectors where wealth and jobs can be created. These include: Commercial agriculture, Industries, Services and ICT. 

“I urge leaders to help our people to select profitable enterprises in any of these sectors. We have also rolled out a massive program of the Parish Development Model, which is aimed at increasing productivity and profitability of agricultural output” the bush war General from Rwakitura said. 

Like her boss, VP Alupo delivered Museveni’s message with humor

Museveni thanked Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Eciru Oliach, Bishop of Soroti Catholic Diocese for  inviting him to the Fundraising ceremony. He contributed Shs60m which was religiously delivered by VP Alupo amid humor and love. At the same function, two seminarians namely Marcel Ajoket and Moses Akaki were ordained into deacons.



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