Ugandan President Museveni Loses Two Top Guerrilla War Fighters In Two Days

Mzee Murekezi before he died
Mzee Murekezi before he died

Two great fighters in the war that brought President Museveni to power have fallen in a space of two days!
Mzee Dr. Henry Lubwama alias Wakiwugulu a resident of Sekanyonyi in Mityana district and Mzee Joseph Murekezi a born of Kisoro district but currently a resident of Kanyankuru Kiamara in Kabalore district have since died and been burried. They were both aged 83 years having been born in 1939!

Murekezi died in Kampala on Wednesday while Lubwama died the following day on Thursday at his home and was burried on Friday while Murekezi was burried on Saturday.
Born in 1939 to Mr&Mrs Kigozi Yokaana of Kasirye village Sekanyonyi, Lubwama went to Semuto for his primary education, Kisubi secondary for O’level, Nabbingo for A’level and later Makerere University where he graduated as an accountant.

He was among those senior officers who worked in the defunct East African Community based in Arusha. He also worked in Mulago, worked in Nairobi and Uganda Jet freight and because of his great work as an accountant, this earned him a title of Doctor!
Dr. Lubwama however, later retired to private life and settled in his home village at Sekanyonyi where he worked in various capacities but most importantly in the education sector.

During the bush war, he worked as vice chairman of the Resistance Committee based in Sekanyonyi NRA sector.
“He was very active during our reck missions. October 1985 I was in Sekanyonyi to deliver special messages to Mzee Kabwa Israel, the Special District Administrator (SDA) for Mityana/Mubende NRA area” says Col. Steven Basaliza Omuduumizi who at that time headed calendestine missions.

As for Mzee Murekezi, during the UPM days, he was the Regional Forest Officer but sympathiser of UPM.
In the same year of 1985 NRM/NRA capture of Fortportal, Murekezi worked closely with freedom fighters. The first NRA Political school was established near his home in Kiamara Busoro and was headed by Maj. Roland Kakooza Mutale and he is said to have given a lot of support.

“When we captured Kampala, it moved to Namugongo” says Basaliza who’s also a born of Kabalore district and an NRA fighter/commander.
Murekezi is also said to be an OB of President Museveni. He was in Ntare school and Nyakasura school. During his days at Ntare, now Gen. Yoweri was in his lower O’level.

Like Dr. Lubwama, Murekezi at the time of his death was in his retirement at his tea farm and dairy farm.
“He’s remembered for his passion for wealth creation and promotion throughout. He loved OWC and PDM programs” Basaliza who knew both men said.
Murekezi, just like Lubwama was born in 1939 and went to Nyakasura, Ntare, Makerere and Eniburgh university for his masters. He worked in Gulu and Masaka as forestry officer and later as regional forestry officer Western region. He liked golf and football.

During his burrial, Dr. Lubwama was eulogized by a number of people. According to Sekanyonyi Mayor, Miiro Javiira Mutaka, Dr. Lubwama was an educationist, disciplinian and development oriented.
Presiding over the mass, the clergies asked Sekanyonyi parish to emulate Barbie Kyagulanyi who put her hubby’s face on her body (tattoo) as a sign of love and great things he has done for her.

“Barbie put a tattoo of Bobi Wine on her back. It’s a permanent mark. As we burry our friend, we need to pick lessons from his deeds. I urge Sekanyonyi parish to include his (Dr. Lubwama) name among those who have worked tirelessly for the Klezia” the Catholic Father said.

He asked them to work for legacy just like the late Lubwama did.
“If God was to come today, are you ready to meet him? Can you cite some specific things you have done for the church and community? Quite often, we go to preside over burrials and you find someone is very old but has nothing to be talked about. I urge you to love God. A person with God is like a grenade. A person without a religion fears no body, is ruthless” the clergy preached.

He challenged Lubwama’s orphans and grandchildren to keep his name floating.
“Your father, grandfather has been closer to God. He loved God. Therefore, we want more of Henrys after he has gone. Myself, back home in Arua, I have a granny aged 117 years and she’s still alive. And here I am, her grandson, I am a priest. Therefore, strive to be like him. Secondly, Henry has been a respectful person. He was down to earth and always jolly with others” the man of God said, emphasizing that discipline is a very important attribute.

He urged parents to teach kids how to love God. He said kids without religion will make parents sell their property even before they die.
“We have suffered a lot because of people who are non-religious.
There are thieves who even steal God’s property like land. And those are people who are very old. They are aged 80yrs. People who are causing suffering to this nation…., someone stealing drugs for treating people. There are some people who stole global fund. These days they are investigating NSSF, Uganda Airlines etc. People are suffering, (but) someone is looking on because he has no religion. Parents teach your kids religion” he said.

He added that parents need to instill discipline in their children so that they dont fall prey to immoral acts especially homosexuality.
“These days we’re faced with homosexuality but who’s spreading this vice? Aren’t they the elites?

Try to follow what your kids are learning. You give them phones but you don’t know what they are using them for. Watch out for what your kids are doing and their peers. Your responsibility doesn’t stop at paying fees” he said adding that kids must also be taught to work hard to avoid being idle. He cautioned parents against selling land just as Kabaka always urges. Aged 83, Dr. Lubwama was burried by crowds from all walks of life though his former NRA commander Gen. Museveni was never represented in anyway!



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