Ugandan MPs On A 10-Day Visit To Ghana To Benchmark On How MPs Task Gov’t To Deliver On It’s Pledges To People

Nambooze (right) with Ghanaian MPs in Accra

By Juma Nsubuga

The Parliamentary Committee on Government Assurances is in Ghanaian capital, Accra for Ten days on official duties.

The chairperson of this committee also Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze (NUP) led the delegation alongside her deputy also Kalungu West MP, Joseph Ssewungu (NUP).

Nambooze confirmed to this news site that the committee is in Ghana (Accra) to learn from the country’s committee on how they put their government to task to fulfill its pledges to the people.

Nambooze signs in the visitor’s book in Ghana

Nambooze who is one of the top vibrant MPs in the Ugandan parliament revealed that NRM government’s unfulfilled pledges now total to Shs85trillion.

“Here in Ghana its very difficult to make a pledge and don’t fulfill. Their committee puts every one to task including the president to fulfill his or her pledge which is not the case in Uganda” Nambooze said.

She says that as the committee enters day 5 on official duty, they (MPs) met Ghana’s Speaker of Parliament and shared experiences and also observed plenary session.
“We also toured villages in rural parts of Ghana to monitor government programs” she adds.

MP Sewungu with a colleague in Accra

One of the roles of government assurance committee is to investigate the extent to which government officials make promises to people.

MPs will also meet Ghana’s opposition parties to share experiences.



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