Tooro’s Rwagweri Wins International Award for Social Innovators

Stephen Rwagweri, the founder and Director of a Ugandan indigenous NGO – Engabu Za Tooro is nominated and will, in September this year, proceed to the Caribbean Island State of Domican Republic to receive an Award of “Social Innovator of his Time” during an international retreat and conference of internationally renowned entrepreneurs, social impact investors and funders in Miches City on the Island. In the same occasion he will showcase the winning innovation and it’s recently incorporated international brand – African Continental Crafts Ltd as its implementing vehicle.

The Award is anchored on the recently published “Traditional Artisan Inclusion” which is a new business model built around cultural assets and artisan traditions in Africa and powered by African Continental Crafts Ltd designed as an impact based social enterprise with focus on contexts of African Continent.

A decade ago, Mr. Rwagweri who is also a culture expert at UNESCO reclaimed the disappearing ancient traditions from his Tooro – Bunyoro motherland in Uganda like Koogere Oral Tradition and Empaako Naming Practice, revitalized their relevance and successfully petitioned UNESCO to inscribe them internationally for their perpetual protection.

The Award and Fellowship are animated by US based Opportunity Collaboration and which are globally leading networks of social entrepreneurs and social impact investors and funders.

The Award package includes expert mentorship, facilitation to promote the innovation around the world and connections for the required funding and investments for the implementation at scale.



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