Teacher Goes To Defile Schoolgirl From Parents’ Home, Nabbed In The Act

A secondary school teacher who had made it a habit to prey on young school girls has been handed to police after the parents of one of his victims nabbed him from their home.

The suspect has been identified as Senfuma John, 38, a teacher at Hillside College S.S in Mityana. REPORTS obtained by our inspectors show that Senfuma made contact with the girl aged 15 years and a student at the same school, after which he chatted her up for days until he struck an agreement to sleep with her.

Messages captured on the girl’s Whatsapp chat with the pedophile teacher indicate that initially Senfuma had planned to have the girl meet him and spend three days at his home in Kayunga.

However, the plan flopped after the girl failed to show up, citing the need to first wait for her aunt to leave home. Later, he proposed to meet the girl in a lodge but he changed his mind and agreed to go to the girl’s home after she convinced him that her aunt had finally gone away and wouldn’t be around for some days. Seizing the golden opportunity, Senfuka bought three packets of kiss condoms and headed straight to the girl’s parents’ home to do the unthinkable.

Unfortunately for him, he was nabbed upon reaching the home and handed over to police. While at police Senfuka was found with a couple of exhibits included the condoms as well as phone he was using to communicate with the young girl.



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