Police Warns Public Against Vandalizing Electricity Installations As Two Vandals Are Electrocuted In Soroti

Police have issued a strong warning to anyone attempting to vandalize electricity installations.
According to Kyoga region police spokesperson Oscar Ageca, there are increasing cases of vandalism and or attempts by some individuals to ruin electricity installations by stealing wires.

“We want to appeal to the public to respect public installations. Electricity Installations are one of them. Do not engage in theft of electricity installations. This is not only criminal but also very dangerous as the consequences are dire” he said following an incident which occured last evening in Soroti district.

In the incident, two vandals were electrocuted including a one Esuri Samuel aged 23 years and his brother who was a minor. Two of their partners in crime were allegedly injured and are currently being handled at Soroti regional refferal hospital where the police rushed them and the bodies of the deceased.

A case at Awoja police station has also been opened under SD Ref: 05/28/11/2022. The incident occured at about 9pm last evening at Awoja village, Awoja Parish Aukot Subcounty in Soroti district.

Julius Wandera, the director Corporate and consumer affairs at Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA), says the successes in the Electricity Supply Industry continue to soar, but these successes are being eroded by malpractices such as vandalism of electricity installations and illegal power use.

Julius Wandera

“The two vices cause a huge loss to the Industry and frustrate government’s efforts towards increasing access, delivering affordable and reliable electricity supply” he said.
He says ERA continues to stand firm on the issue and has successfully secured numerous convictions in court.

“However, we continue to rely on on your (public) support and vigilance in bringing the culprits to book” he said.
Government established a special court called Standards, Utilities and Wildlife court based at Buganda road where such cases of vandalism are heard and determined. Recently, some goons were convicted of vandalism of electricity installations in Lango sub-region. For the case of last night in Soroti, the vandals allegedly tried to steal a 3-phase electricity transmission line (wire).



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