NEC Holds Traguil Axe As KCCA Coach Fails 3-Game Test To Save Job

Sergio Traguil has failed and will exit from KCCA Fc

Portuguese tactician Sergio Traguil’s arrival was filled with hope and pomp that comes with an African team hiring a mzungu. However, while his dawn may have been littered with glamour, his exit may be painfully unceremonious.

Reports coming from Lugogo indicate that the powers that be at CITY hall have voted to end the coach’s tenure at the Philip Omondi Stadium should his first win in the Uganda Premier League elude him in the next two games against NEC on on Thursday and against Arua Hill next Tuesday.

According to sources, NEC FC come into the Lugogo derby swinging the axe on Traguil’s neck and should they defeat him, then he will be just one heartbeat away from the dreaded chop.

“Actually after he failed to beat express, the board sat last week and gave him a three-match win ultimatum where he had to beat Kitara FC, NEC and Arua Hill FC,” a source told our Inspectors.

Now, with Kitara having humbled the Kasasiro Boys in Masindi, Traguil’s coaching fortunes now dangle on two very thin threads in the hands of NEC at Lugogo and Arua Hill in Arua.

Jackson Magera will take over the reins at KCCA

Failed project?

Having battled for the league trophy with SC Villa and Vipers until the last games of last season, KCCA decided to shop around for a foreign coach so as to come back stronger this season. The move came on the heels of their fierce rivals Villa and Vipers also acquiring foreign coaches. However, it is now clear that Dorothy Kisaka’s boys have endured a worst start to the league.

In their last seven outings, KCCA has not won a single game, with their only wins this season coming being identical 3-2 scores against SC Villa in the FUFA Super 8 pre-season tournament and Libyan side Abu Salim (3-2) at St Mary’s Stadium in the CAF Confederation Cup respectively.

Those familiar with proceedings at Lugogo say that Traguil’s woes stem from his failure to impart his ideas into the squad, which has made him lose the dressing room.

Recently, Traguil seemed to hint at this failure when he admitted that his players were not of the right mentality to play his style of football.

He however showed he was helpless to change things when he admitted that “There are things I can’t control, for example the decision making on the pitch” when asked about his string of unpleasant results.

Sources say Jackson Magera has been lined up to take up his position, with just the all-important announcement pending to end the Portuguese painful expedition in Uganda.



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