Mzee Kamadi Walusansa Was A Committed NRM Cadre Who Meant Well For The Party

By Barrister Peter Magomu Mashate

The death of Namanyonyi sub county NRM Chairman MZEE KAMADI WALUSANSA is very tragic indeed. He was a very committed NRM cadre who meant well for the party.

I had opportunity to work with him when I was the NRM Chairman Bungokho North Consitituency and as the NRM FLAG BEARER for MEMBER of PARLIAMENT BUNGOKHO NORTH CONSITITUENCY 2016-2021.

Chairman KAMADI had his own management style but what marked him out was not only his preparedness to accept responsibility for any short coming whenever it arose but above all his ability to preach and practice reconciliation.

RENCONCILIATION is a cardinal and core value with which the Great NRM Party has held the country together since the first NRM government of NATIONAL UNITY in 1986 hitherto.

The NRM waged a people’s protracted struggle and seized power in 1986. The Legal instrument which formalised the establishment of NRM government was PROCLAMATION NUMBER 1 (one) of 1986.

With this proclamation number one of 1986 His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni formed a government of NATIONAL UNITY encompassing all divergent political shades. Hence, national RENCONCILIATION was well and truly ushered in Uganda.

This maiden post war government of NATIONAL UNITY included the likes of the Late Dr Paul Kawanga Semogerere of DP, former fighting groups such as UFM under Dr andrew Lutakome Kayiira, FEDEMU of Dr Lwanga, Evaristo Nyanzi, Sebana Kizito etc.

In short, this SPIRIT of NATIONAL RENCONCILIATION is the NRM CORE value of NATIONAL COHESION of which Mzee KAMADI WALUSANSA preached and practiced.

I also take this opportunity to thank His Excellency the President and National Chairman of the NRM Party for having acknowledged the services our Mzee Kamadi WALUSANSA.

President Museveni was represented at the burial by Minister for the Elderly Hon Dominic Gidudu and HE paid 10million.

May the Almighty Rest his Soul in Eternal Peace.

Inanalilahi wa Inalileh Rajioun.

From: Fellow compatriot & countryman Hon Barrister Peter Magomu Mashate

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