Mukono MP Nambooze Squeezes Clerk Over ‘Missing’ Shs650m Museveni Cash

The construction going on

By Juma Nsubuga

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze is speaking with a raised voice against Mukono Municipality town clerk over alleged ‘missing’ funds.
The fiery legislator and clerk Francis Byabagambi are reading from different pages as regards Shs650m reportedly channeled to the council by Central government led by Gen. Yoweri Museveni to do emergency works on Lweza bridge which is said to have so far swallowed three innocent kids in addition to destroying property.

According to the document seen by this news site dated November 27th 2023, Nambooze who also chairs the Government Assurances Committee of Parliament, wants Byabagambi to explain in detail how this money released by government for emergency works on Lweza bridge was utilized.

Nambooze in the document says that the minister of Works and Transport Gen. Katumba Wamala on Nov- 9th this year at the burial of the late James Ssemusombwa at Nabuti said government had sent Shs650m to do emergency works on Lweza bridge.

“As your area MP charged with oversight and in a bid to ensure transparency and accountability of public funds, I find it irregular that council is said to have received these emergency funds but for all this long, works aren’t done and yet all roads and bridges in the municipality are in sorry state” she said.

The NUP legislator put it to Byabagambi that it’s an insult to the people of Mukono and criminal for the Council to have quietly recieved and sat on funds meant for the rehabilitation of a public infrastructure like Lweza bridge. She said because of its risky situation, the bridge has caused death of three innocent children and massive destruction of property.

Nambooze also tasked Byabagambi to come out and address the people of Mukono Municipality on the status of roads visa-viz the council plans and availability of funds to address the challenges.

“I note that a number of roads and bridges in the council are in poor state generally which has worsened by the heavy rains that are washing away the top covers of various bridges due to water over flows. Places like Lweza bridge, Lower Kauga, Nakiyanja, Nakabago,and Nakawolole among others require your action and address to the citizens” she added
The MP also demands for an immediate intervention and environmental enforcement at the current filling of a wetland opposite Seeta High School and also the filling and constructions going on near near Seeta victory church.

Meanwhile, deputy town clerk Majeran Luboyera clarified that the Municipal council has so far received only Shs215m for the project.
“Its true the project for the construction and rehabilitation of both Lweza and Nabuti bridges is ongoing. Council projected Shs650m but we have so far received Shs215m on our accounts and we are still waiting for the balance” Luboyela said when contacted for a comment by this news site
He adds that last financial year in the forth quarter, the council received on 11th-May 2023 Shs80m, on 18th-August 2023 35Mshs and on 29th-11-2023 100Mshs.

“The Shs650m Hon. Nambooze is talking about is the total fund committed by the central government but we have so far received only 215Mshs and we have opened up for eligible companies to start bidding for the work” he said.



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