Minister Nankabirwa Roots For Women, Youth Involvement In The Mining Sector

Minister Nankabirwa delivering her speech

By Juma Nsubuga

The Minister of Energy and Mineral Development Dr Ruth Nankwabirwa has launched a 3-Day Project Workshop aimed at promoting Women and youth participation in the Mining sector in the Great Lakes Region.

The launching ceremony was held at the Common Wealth Resort Hotel in Munyonyo and was organized under the Theme: Strengthening women and youth Ownership of the regional initiative against illegal exploitation of natural resources.

“The launched project should contribute to a more transparent mining management of natural resources leading to shared prosperity,lasting peace and sustainable development in the great lakes region as well as implementing the regional initiative on natural resources to fight the illegal exploitation of natural resources”the Min noted.

She told participants that Uganda continues to strengthen its legal, regulatory and institutional framework for the Mining Sub-sector. 

“A new Mining  and Mineral Act was out in place and tho will go along way to streamline the Mining industry” she said adding that the Act aims at ensuring value addition and improvement in regulation and inspection,national content development and maximizing government’s take from the mining industry while supporting the private sector to achieve their targets.

The minister further assured the participants that Uganda government is fully committed to the implementation of Great Lakes regional initiative.

Minister Nankabirwa poses for a group photo with participants

Meanwhile Ambassador Liberata Mulamula who represents the advisory board for women, peace and security in the Great Lakes region noted that, the launched project should formalize the Artisan Miners by promoting gender, women and youth’s participation in the mining sector.

“We are here to promote gender,women and youth participation in the mining sector” she said.

The Great Lakes Region is endowed with a wealth of high-value mineral resources and most of these are in the high demand on the global market due to the current energy transition however due to the largely informal and often illegal nature of mineral exploitation and trade,the region’s countries and communities have received very limited benefits. Women and youth continue to be the most marginalised groups with their little involvement in the management and benefits of the Great Lakes Mining sector.



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