Meet Gomba Next Generation Institute Striving To Change Youth Livelihood Through Modern Agriculture!

The Students learning how to feed the cows


With several youths failing to get white collar jobs, a new agricultural institution has come with a remedy to the never ending problem of youth unemployment!
Gomba Next Generation Farming Institute is located at Kitumba village, Maddu Sub- county in Gomba district.

Started in 2021, the farm can be equated to the government’s Kasolwe Livestock Farm in Kamuli district when it comes to modern facilities on it. Specializing is dairy farming and crop production, the Institute’s mission is to provide hands-on experience training in agriculture and animal production for release to both public and private sectors.

The overall aim is to train more youths to be able to fit into the labour market to accelerate community and national development.

Richard Kyambadde, the Institute’s Public and Corporate Affairs manager says the institute’s objective is to change the mindset of farmers from traditional cattle keeping to modern dairy farming through dairy farmer training in the application of good diary farming practice.
“Our main aim is to improve on the agricultural business in rural communities and to promote youths long-term income generation. Our institute also helps youths of working age to learn, practice and earn income to uplift their standards of living” Kyambadde stressed
Gomba Next Generation Model Farm Training Institute according to Kyambadde is a new farming institute established to provide practical skills, knowledge and experience in agriculture and enterpreneurship.

Registered by the ministry for education and sports, the Institute awards Certificate and Diplomas in different courses which includes the following, National Diploma in Animal Production (NDA), National Diploma in Crop Production (NDP) and Diploma in Fisheries management technology among others. It also awards certificates in the same courses.

Speaking to The Inspector, Kyambadde adds that the training courses provide youths to access technology and vocational skills.
“These courses are tailored to conditions in each country. The courses are also suitable for the school drop outs especially those in legal age” he added
The diary unit of the Institute has a a modern milking parlour, a cow shade, a spray among other modern facilities that make it unique and attractive to the learners.

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  1. The reality about Gomba next generation farm institute is the 70% practical exposure subjected to it’s trainee in order have fully skilled hands on Agricultural extension professionals who can seriously fit in the Agricultural sector of East Africa and the globe at large . Thanks to the technical and skillful trainers with vast knowledge of modern Agricultural technologies.
    ” We train to Serve”

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