Local NGO-Agape Missions Team Extends Helping Hand to Needy Children And Girls in Masuuliita

By Jackson Gashumba 

In a heartwarming display of corporate compassion, Agape Mission team, one of the famous local non-government organizations, has donated substantial basic life items to underprivileged children, girls and teenage mothers under specialized care at Masuuliita children’s home. 

Masuuliita Children’s Home currently hosts over 900 people who were removed from the streets of Kampala in January in preparation for NAM and G77 Summits that brought together over 55 heads of states.  

Their removal from the streets according to the government was a means to restore sanity and order in Kampala adding that most of them were street begging and others running petty illegal businesses on the streets of Kampala. 

This has over stretched Masuuliita childrens home administrators who have been making public appeals for support to take care of the people removed from the streets.  While handing over the donations, Jonathan Katusabe of Agape Missions team explained that their donation to those in need has been made possible by a network of partners, friends and well-wishers.  “When we heard of the need here at Masuuliita children’s Home, Agape Missions team couldn’t sleep. We swiftly pulled together resources as part of our ongoing commitment towards our calling for social and community welfare of those in need just like Jesus did. The donated items range from essential soap, Toiletries, Food, Sanitary towels among others, all aimed at alleviating the hardships faced by vulnerable children and girls, providing them with the fundamental necessities essential for a better quality of life. “This initiative reflects Agape missions Team dedication to making a positive impact on the communities in Uganda.” Jonathan Katusabe added. The donation was received by Hope Adiru, on behalf of Masulita childrens home. She expressed gratitude to the Agape mission team for the Christ-like gesture towards the people at Masuliita children’s home.  She however noted that they have a dire need for Mattresses. “As I speak, over 900 children, girls, women and youth are sleeping on a bare floor. This is really not good. I urge the general public, local and international to donate mattresses to help these people,’ she said. Its here that Jonathn Katusabe of Agape Missions Team, committed to join the ongoing drive to raise mattresses for the over 900 people in need. “As Agape missions Team, we understand the importance of supporting our community, and we recognize the challenges faced by these people here, they urgently need mattresses. This may seem a small donation but a very meaningful step towards making a difference in the lives of those in need. We hope to inspire others to join us in creating a brighter future for our community,” he further said that ‘I want to commend the management of Masuuliita Childrens home for caring for these people despite the lack of some essential commodities. I want to urge everybody to bring their donations here, for that we will be counted as humans. In the spirit of transparency, Agape missions team has also pledged to continue its philanthropic efforts, actively seeking ways to contribute to the betterment of the community’



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