Light of Love: Illuminating Lives of the Elderly and Widows!

By Costa Nantume 

Growing older is not just a fact of life; it’s a privilege. However, old age can be one of the most delicate and challenging phases, where independence can slip away, and the world becomes a bit dimmer. Losing a spouse only magnifies these difficulties, thrusting immense responsibilities onto individuals, often mothers, who have already carried the weight of life’s trials.

The Heartfelt Need

In our midst, there are elderly individuals and widows who dwell in the shadows of neglect, grappling with the harsh reality of living without electricity. They rely on flickering paraffin candles to light their homes, exposing themselves to a host of dangers such as theft, snakebites, accidents, and even the tragic loss of their cherished abodes.

Our Guiding Light

Enter the ” Light of Love” project. We aim to bring the warm embrace of light and comfort to 150 vulnerable elderly and widows in Kiboga. Our vision is to provide them with solar power, illuminating their homes with three bright bulbs, and wrap them in the warmth of 150 blankets.

Why We Care

We believe that care, support, and comfort are the lifelines elderly individuals need to thrive and lead a healthy life.

Picture this: 

A bulb casting a gentle glow in their homes at night, while they nestle in cozy blankets – a simple gesture that can bring smiles to their faces.

Can you imagine a night without light in your 70s?

Our Noble Objectives

Security at Night: 

We aim to shield them from the shadows of insecurity, allowing them to sleep peacefully, knowing they are safe.

Sense of Purpose: 

By brightening their lives, we want to infuse a sense of purpose into their days, reminding them that their lives still hold significance.


We aspire to create a sense of community, a social lifeline that empowers and energizes them, fostering a deep sense of belonging.


Above all, we want to show them love, because every individual, irrespective of age, deserves to be cherished and cared for.

A Milestone Birthday with a Difference

As I approach my 30th birthday on November 27th, I’ve chosen to celebrate it by illuminating the lives of those at the twilight of their journey. Your contribution to this endeavor will not only be a gift to them but also a gift to my heart.

Let us come together to make my 30 years count, by bringing joy and light to those who need it most. Join us in celebrating the warmth of love and the brilliance of hope.

Donate today and be the Light of Love in their lives. Together, we can make a brighter future for our elderly and widowed friends. Costa@30!

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