Katakwi Pupils Given Free Milk As District Hosts Day Of African Child Celebrations

VP Alupo with Evelyn Aisu who presented a petition


Pupils from various schools in Katakwi district who turned up for the function to celebrate the Day of the African Child will live to remember the kind of generosity extended to them courtesy of Vice President Maj. Jessica Alupo!

This day is commemorated every June 16th in remembrance of 20,000 students who went to the streets of Soweto, South Africa to protest against the discrimination (Apartheid) in South Africa years back.

This year’s celebrations were hosted by Katakwi district under the theme: is “Promoting and protecting the rights of the children in the digital environment”

The celebrations, held at Amorwongora Primary School, Palam sub-county , Ngariam county in Katakwi attracted many schools, partners and different district officials with Maj. Jessica Alupo who is also Katakwi district woman MP sitting in the chair of honor!

Like all caring mothers do, Alupo brought smiles on the faces of hundreds of pupils who turned up for the function after she; with support from Dairy Development Authority, distributed free milk to each of them.

VP Alupo addressing the launch of PDM today

A tactical Alupo explained to the congregation that the idea behind her action symbolized importance of good nutrition to children especially during their early formative years.

“I want to encourage parents and guardians to feed children well. Good nutrition to children is important because it acts as the foundation for the wellbeing and immunity of the child. A properly fed child will perform well in class and is always ready to perform tasks that fit into his or her age” the Vice President explained amid cheers.  

Alupo reminded the children about their responsibilities including integrity, hard-work, dignity, humility, discipline not forgetting to listen to advice from elders.

“The adults also need to always remind children about their responsibilities by being good role models and mentors to them” she said.

Pupils participating at the function

The forever gorgeous Alupo asked district officials especially the security to keep awake in dealing with vices that affect the education cycle of children. She cited some of them being child sacrifice, child trafficking, child labor, teenage pregnancies, and forced marriages among others which she said should at all times be handled expeditiously.

The VP also commended development partners working in Katakwi for all programs to the district especially those that target children’s health and wellbeing, saying a healthy population is a wealthy one.

Meanwhile, Evelyn Aisu 14, a pupil at Apuuton Primary school who spoke on behalf of all kids across the country, called for stringent laws against monsters who abuse children’s rights.

“Your Excellency we need biting laws on abusers of children irrespective of status at all levels if we are to achieve on the theme of today,” Aisu said to the applause of the congregation.

 Aisu cited cyber bulling, child pornography, grooming for sex, online sexual abuse, child trafficking and infringing on privacy as some of the common crimes that should be addressed by the new laws.

Some of the beneficiaries jubilating after getting their share as VP Alupo talks to them

“If not curtailed, the above may result into social isolation, mental health issues, substance abuse, self-harm, or suicide and increased likelihood of exhibiting abusive behavior themselves in adulthood” the 14-year old girl said.

She thanked government for adopting the new national policy and guidelines for children where priority areas of; survival, health and nutrition, education and development, protection and participation are given focused attention.

Aisu noted that while ICT has been very helpful in promoting children’s rights, the internet and modern gadgets have gradually facilitated online abuse, adding that this kind of abuse is executed through mobile phones, computers, tablets, and the internet.

The vice president used this occasion to also rally people to interest themselves in the ongoing Parish Development Model program whose aim is to improve the livelihood of the people.

She advised the locals to do commercial agriculture as opposed to subsistence farming and assured them of the government’s commitment to expeditiously handle insecurity caused by cattle rustlers.

In another development, Alupo today presided over the disbursement of PDM cash to the beneficiaries in Katakwi district.

“Shs6.2bn is available in the district to be disbursed to beneficiaries, and today alone 120 million will be disbursed to different beneficiaries to carry out different enterprises. Let’s all support” she said at the ceremony which took place at Katakwi District headquarters Ngariam County.

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