Kassanda District In Glee With The New Leadership At NRM Office of The National Chairman At Kyambogo

By Hajji Fahd Kasule

Basing on the year 2022, a lot has happened that unfolded itself in different departments, particularly within NRM externally and internally.

However, internal contradictions among top officials happened much more in limelight. My district, Kassanda (North constituency), COVID and EBOLA happened to affect our economy negatively and the economic setup by our dear party chairman Gen.Yoweri Museveni.

Happily, the 3-months lockdown has been lifted and people are back to their economic duties and pray that everybody benefits.

In regards to our party, I want to greatly thank the party chairman for identifying our own HAJJAT NAMYALO HADIJA UZEIYE to be the leader of the office of chairman at Kyambogo. There’s no doubt the youthful (muzukulu) UZEIYE will play a great role in rejuvenating support of the youth (bazukulu) towards Gen.museveni.

She’s a young, dynamic, and down to earth lady in her approach to politics and governance. In the past three months of her office, I can ably state that really the youth (bazukulu) still love Gen. Museveni in regards to what we’ve seen on all media platforms especially online media which seems to be the easiest way to reach out the youth.

In Uganda currently, Kassanda district (north constituency) particular, despite being rural, smartphone usage is almost 70% and of these, 90% smartphones are possessed by the youth (bazukulu).

It’s therefore important that NRM office of the chairman under Uzeiye, we make use of these important gadgets to market great ideals of Gen.Museveni to youth (bazukulu) so that they gain from these gadgets.

This therefore means, we must tap into the various online media houses and radios to reach out to these people and maximize support for chairman.

Personally, I can comfortably state that my Kassanda district whose political seats are 98.9% dominated by NUP political party will gradually change if such efforts brought by the new NRM office of the chairman head are implemented.

I was impressed by her message during dua (prayer) ceremony on 31st/12/2022 which brought many religious sects together indicating the office bearer is a unifier and supported by everyone who loves unity and chairman Museveni.

The “Jjajja Omalako Tova Ku Main” project has gained momentum in the district and what is needed there is just for the ONC to share a word with the people of Kassanda.

I thank Lwengo district Chairman Ibrahim Kitatta Almalik who happens to be spokesperson of the office of chairman.

He has really done a great job on ONC all media outlets but most importantly online media which currently is a driving tool by anyone who loves constant communication and results immediately.

This is the way to embrace 2023; the youth (bazukulu) have a lot of hope in the party and Gen.Museveni as a person. Therefore all activities this year have to focus on monitoring all programs meant to benefit the youth (bazukulu) including PDM, EMYOGA, YLP (Youth livelihood program) and many more not forgetting skills development.

I wish everyone a happy prosperous new year 2023.

Hajji Kasule Fahd

Executive Director

Royal Medical Tourism




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