Karuma Dam Scrap Deal Turns Sour As Top Scrap Dealer Claims Threats To His Life

Karuma Dam

 By John Taylor Kule

A top city businessman dealing in scrap and rice is said to be living in fear after getting threats to his life.

Farouk Nsubuga claims his woes started the moment he scooped the Karuma scrap deal recently.

Apparently, upon getting the tender, Nsubuga was allegedly approached by a ‘powerful’ lady who wanted to have a joint business with him, something he gladly accepted.

The scrap deal is in relation to the sell of scrap generated from the Karuma hydroelectric dam.

The lady according to Inspectors first duped the businessman with a fake name only for him to realize later that she was actually deceiving him as her real names were totally different.

This lady a few years ago caused a stir in the media after she claimed to have been a concubine to a senior police officer whose heart’s beating was unceremoniously stopped by unknown assailants. 

The businessman claims when he scooped the tender in December 2022, he received a call from this lady who said she needed to work together with him, something he reluctantly agreed.

“Nsubuga told her that they needed to make an agreement and thereafter, she was to deposit at least Shs2bn within a week. The woman said she had the money and organized to meet him. When she came to his office in Nakulabye, she came with an Indian businessman who she identified as a business partner.” Explained an inspector.

We’re told the two smilingly drafted the agreement obligating the lady and her partner to deposit Shs2billion on his account to prove their seriousness. 

“They paid Shs2million to his lawyer as legal fees for drafting the agreement,” says an Inspector adding that, later, the Muyindi  returned and told him that he had failed to find the Shs2billion so he withdrew from the deal.

“The same woman came with another businessman, this time a Ugandan and said this one had money. That is when he started smelling a rat,” says an Inspector, adding that after all these attempts failed, the lady reportedly went to Karuma and tried to snatch the contract from him but this too failed.

In a dramatic turn of events, the lady reportedly went to Old Kampala Police station and accused Nsubuga of having taken his Shs2m and had even started threatening her, something he denied when he was summoned and he was let go.

Since then according to Inspectors, things have not been good for the businessman as the lady started calling him furiously with heavily-worded statements. The businessman man says he fears for his life and urged his enraged ‘business partner’ to use the available legal means to settle whatever biff exists between them.



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