Iron Sheets Ministers Worse Than COVID-19, Says Gen. Museveni As Two Ministers Face Arrest!

President Museveni is said to have described the ministers who diverted iron sheets for underprivileged people of Karamoja as being worse than world pandemic-Coronavirus.

It should be recalled that this virus led to the shut down of the economy for two years and left many people around the world dead. To prove how deadly it is, that even right now, no one can access Gen. Museveni without having gone through a COVID test and must also wear a mask!
Now, the latest details before us indicate that the head of state has suggested that even as COVID-19 is deadly, the ministers who shared the mabaati for the suffering Kjongs are even worse than this pandemic! As such, the latest scaring Intel from our Inspectors indicates that a determined Museveni wants some of the perpetrators of this heist to be jailed soonest.


Tentatively, there are two plans! One is to arrest two Ministers implicated in the Karamoja Iron Sheets scandal and the other option is for the Head of State to take political decision on the fate of six other ministers!
This News site exclusively understands that a determined Museveni has already penned a hot letter to the head of State House Anti corruption Unit giving him instructions to investigate, act and also make recommendations on every minister and other officials named in the saga. The president according to Inspectors, says the shameless ministers are worse than COVID-19.

We credibly learnt that following the hot cabinet sitting of Monday this week in which the general from Rwakitura banged tables, Museveni put in motion his threats to deal with culpable ministers in this saga by penning a letter to ACU head and copied it strictly to the Inspector General of Government and the Director CID Maj. Tom Magambo. In the said directive, Inspectors suggested that Museveni asked the three agencies to leave no stone unturned and no one should intimidate them in their investigations. Museveni wants the three agencies do their own investigations and recommendations. The idea to bring on board Magambo is because Museveni knows his ability to investigate having taken him to top spy countries to undertake course in Intelligence gathering. We’re told Museveni personally trained the CID boss who’s a son to one of Museveni’s bush war comrades back in Luweero. He’s a highly trained intelligence officer, an indication that the army has fully taken over the role of investigating this thuggery since even ACU is also headed by a UPDF colonel.

“These people are worse than Coronavirus! Whoever knows something about this matter must be interrogated. Whether you received, heard about it but concealed information, shared the sheets or touched them, I want all of them to account for their actions. Those found culpable must be taken to Court” says a top inspector quoting Museveni. You
In fact, we’re told when this letter landed on the IGG’s desk, this is why the IGG Beti Kamya rushed to talk to the media to assert her determination to investigate without fear or favor all individuals named.

“We shall not leave anyone. Whether who, or who, my office is ready for you. No body will be left out” Kamya vowed.

Inspectors said for now, the investigators have began on the process of having two ministers and one official in the Local Governmnent arrangement to be prosecuted.
“For these ones, there’s evidence against them. They are going to be taken to court. Our report is going to have two parts, one criminal prosecution and another political decision. We shall just make our recommendations to CiC and he knows what action he’s going to take against the other ministers who will be found to have participated in the heist” says an Inspector.


In making his cabinet, Museveni according to Inspectors had two things in his mind. One was that he wanted to forge some kind of reconciliation especially since the North and North Eastern parts had been damaged by insecurity for two decades. These continued to oppose his leadership for 20yrs accusing him of failure to protect them.

Therefore, some oppositonists had started claiming that the president never wanted the people of those areas.
Museveni therefore, inspired by the votes he got from those areas and his party in 2021 polls, decided to thank them by awarding top governmnent positions to them. This is how the position of Vice President, Speaker, Chief Justice, Secretary General, Deputy IGP and other key ministries went to those regions. There were also other positions in security services that went to the same regions including the position of deputy CDF.

However, Inspectors said even when he awarded them those positions, the Karamoja sub-region remained high on his agenda since it was also still undergoing disarmament program and therefore transformation.
With his wife Mama Janet Kataha Museveni having set the ball rolling for the meaningful transformation of the sub-region, Museveni allegedly wanted someone to help him on strategic matters in the area since Janet had gone to Education and yet Eng. John Byabagambi who succeeded her almost did nothing there during his posting.

Inspectors said before she left, Kataha made a detailed file to Museveni in relation to what really needed to be done to have a landmark transformation of the area. Since Kjongs are nomads, Museveni allegedly plotted a move to gradually dissuade Kjongs from living that kind of nomadic life which keeps them in cattle raids.

The president after wide consultations, decided that since Kjongs suffer from heavy sunshine, he needed to help them with iron sheets so that they set up permanent houses. The reason was that the Kjongs struggle to get grass to thatch their manyatas (huts) since there’s no grass there. Secondly, Museveni thought that the permanent houses with iron sheets would somehow pursuade the Kjongs to stay home and adopt to a new life away from nomadism.

“Imagine such a heartless group. How can you steal from Kjongs? The people have no grass, they live a hard life. Their area has no grass, it hot, they lack shelter. This kind of insensitivity. I didn’t know people can be insensitive to others to this extent. No no, we must take action” Inspectors quoted Jjajja Museveni as vowing.
This comes at a time when MPs from Karamoja have filed a notice of intention to censure the hon. Goreti Maria Kitutu accusing her of what they called abuse of office and mismanagement of the relief items meant for transformation of the region. However, if any of the ministers is charged before the censure is effected, the planned censure will automatically go into abayance until court decides on the matter.

Eight ministers are currently swimming in troubled waters after they were named in the shameful sharing of iron sheets meant for Karamoja. Shockingly, disaster minister Hillary Obalker Onek was kept in the dark on this bonanza! Watch this space!

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