Inside Besigye-Bobi Meeting At Kasangati: Top Secrets Why Security Stopped NUP Office Launch Yesterday

Yesterday, NUP led by its Principal Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine was stopped from launching its new party headquarters at Makerere-Kavule. Everyone attributed this stoppage on the fact that his nemesis Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was in the same area particularly Kawempe where he went to open Harris International factory; a beverage making company. Inspectors said this was simply a minor issue but the real meat as tabled to Gen. Museveni leading to the Security operation against NUP is hereby served to you!


On Wednesday as Museveni’s aides prepared for his activities in Kawempe area, something happened in Kasangati. There was a meeting at embattled former FDC president Col. Kizza Besigye’s home. The meeting according to inspectors was attended by a carefully selected team of individuals who were picked from opposition political parties. In DP for example, the Norbert Mao group wasn’t included and so was that of UPC’s James Akena Obote. Although not all invited members attended, at least there were nine of them who allegedly showed up drawn from across the regions of Uganda. The same meeting was attended by NUP principal Robert Kyagulanyi, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and Besigye himself. But in what seemed to be a design to avoid a clash of egos between Besigye and Bobi, it was resolved that a lady be given the chance to chair the very first and important meeting where Jjajja Museveni and his government was the main topic of the meeting! As such, former Soroti Woman firebrand Angeline Osege was selected by Besigye to chair the meeting. Others in attendance according to inspectors included former LoP Nnaalongo Winnie Kiiza Bihande, former FDC whip Ezati Kassiano Wadri among others whose names we shall get and update you.

In that said meeting which began at 9am and went on for six full hours, the whole country was properly scanned with each member tasked to identify the most critical issues affecting their sub-region. It is these issues which are termed as Museveni’s failures that are supposed to be exploited fully to incite the masses into giving him and his men a final ouster from State House.

In the north for example, the cross cutting issues that must be fully brought against him is that of Balaalo and land in addition to the alleged poor state of physical infrastructure in the region. The issue of power [failure to connect West Nile to the National Grid] was viewed as a touching issue to West Nile in addition to the poor state of roads and the cross border conflicts between South Sudan and Ugandans up there. Others according to inspectors tried to raise the issue of Gen. Iddi Amin proposed institute which Museveni through his wife has poured cold water on it and yet it seems to be cherished by people of West Nile where Amin comes from.

“This issue of Balaalo is a serious matter we must properly rally the northerners on. We must craft our message well so that people’s sentiments are given the vibe they need. The Balaalo must leave those areas and Museveni seems not to be willing to kick them out. Since people are fed up, let’s make this as our main issue for the north [Lango and Acholi]” an inspector quoted Besigye as telling the meeting.

In the Eastern, poverty especially among Basoga is the key issue while in Bugisu, Nandala Mafabi’s alleged mismanagement of Bugisu Cooperative Union affairs was high on the agenda. In addition, Bugisu is supposed to be incited by through political appointments given to them which the meeting said are ‘inconsequential’ in national formation. It should be recalled that Bugisu currently has Karamoja ministry and that of elderly and EAC at state ministerial level.

As for Kasese region, the issue of Obusinga is not yet off the table. Inspectors said whereas the Omusinga Charles Wensley Mumbere was returned to his throne, back home there is still anger among the population for the people who were allegedly murdered by the army under Gen. Peter Elweru. The relatives of those victims and those who were arrested still want accountability. However, even as this is being planned, there is also an allegation that the Omusinga ever since he returned, seems to be towing Museveni’s line and has started ‘singing’ his name. With this already in the plotter’s mind, in case it is confirmed the Omusinga has become an ‘NRM-ist’ instead of being a neutral leader, the masses according to our inspectors will be incited to turn away from him.

In Buganda, two things according to what we gathered were cited mainly by Bobi and Lukwago. The issues of political prisoners and the newly passed Motor Vehicle License or digital number plates. People are supposed to pay for this new measure which is now the mother of impending troubles for government if the plot is to materialize.

On the latter, the motorists especially boda bodas and other drivers especially taxi operators are seen as the best target group to cause protests challenging this new idea by Works and Transport ministry. Ironically, inspectors said even some cabinet ministers are secretly rallying the opposition to call the masses to protest this new License which they describe as ‘senseless’. The meeting resolved that even as a lot of focus has been made towards 2026, elections will not change anything. Instead, civil action by ‘all means’ must be exploited to force Museveni and his government out as early as possible. Bobi, being the main Opposition giant, was selected to lead the new onslaught on Museveni’s regime under a loose alliance due to be named in coming days! Inspectors revealed that with that meeting which took place at Besigye’s home, intelligence leaked that the supposed launch of NUP headquarters could have far reaching consequences unless security had been put on high alert. There was fear that numbers were going to be mobilized after which a match to Kampala through Makerere would ‘take place’. In addition, inspectors said the Kasangati meeting resolved to have an impromptu raid on Najjanankumbi by Katonga group to oust the Nandala Mafabi faction but with the help of other partners in opposition. Therefore, NUP office launch was viewed as a double-edged sword hence its stoppage on Wednesday to allow security full deployments. Watch this space for further details!!



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