Ibanda MP Bainomugisha Excites Voters As She Inspects District Roadworks, Delivers Construction Items

Gorgeous MP Bainomugisha Jane launching test driving a grader as she did her oversight work

Ibanda district voters are wearing sweet smiles after their woman MP Jane Bainomugisha lobbied for them several construction materials meant to fix the bad roads in the district.
While Karamoja affairs ministers are struggling with cases of diverting government items meant for the wanainchi, the beautiful legislator ensured that all road construction tools that government gave her to assist her people religiously reached them.

Among the items she got from government included culverts and she ensured that she participates in the road repairs and maintenance as she commissioned the road construction works.

Bainomugisha threw her voters into untold excitement as she climbed the grader to symbolize the launch of the construction, forcing voters to shout ‘NRM Oyee, Jane Oyee’ slogans.

Jane, who’s a known MK projectist, however, preached peace among people warning them against practicing politics of identity as opposed to politics of development.

“Ugandans should resist politics of identity and embrace politics of development. We must move as one people regardless of our tribes, religion and other undertones. Uganda is for us all and we must develop it in unison. Bad roads, lack of electricity, illiteracy and many others do not know tribes or religion. They affect us all as a people. So, my people, you should shun anyone who brings such confusion here” she said amid chantings of Jane Oyee’

The legislator who was doing her oversight work by inspecting Road works in the District, also called on voters of Ibanda to embrace government initiated projects such as Parish Development Model if they are to come out of poverty.

The MP also held other activities in the district including a girls’ football tournament at the district headquarters as one way to promote talent development and physical fitness to fight Non-communicable Diseases like diabetes and obesity among her people.

MP Bainomugisha addressing her crowds

With NRM being the mass party in the district garnering 99% in elections, some voters here warned opposition politicians against taking their ‘messages’ there especially if it’s meant to cause destruction.

MP Bainomugisha delivering the culverts


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