Health Ministry Conducts Week-Long Technical Support Supervision in Kigezi Sub-Region To Improve Quality

Dr. Atwine (C) with other Ministry of Health officials at Hamurwa HC4

KIGEZI SUB-REGION, UGANDA – The Ministry of Health in Uganda has embarked on a week-long Technical Support Supervision program in the Kigezi sub-region. The program is led by the Permanent Secretary, Dr. Diana Atwine, and Director General Health Services, Dr. Henry G. Mwebesa. The initiative aims to assess the state of healthcare services and make informed decisions for improvement in the region.

The team’s latest stop was at the Hamurwa Health Center IV in Rubanda District. During their visit, they evaluated the service delivery and infrastructure at the healthcare facility. The inspection allowed officials to gauge the state of healthcare services and gather essential information to guide future improvements.

As part of this mission, Dr. Diana Atwine, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, tweeted, “Spot checks at Itojo General Hospital in Ntungamo to assess the current status of health services delivered at the facility to make informed decisions for improvement.” after a visit to the facility on Monday.

These spot checks at Itojo General Hospital in Ntungamo demonstrate the Ministry’s commitment to comprehensively evaluate the healthcare landscape in the Kigezi sub-region. Dr. Atwine’s tweet indicates a thorough approach to the assessment process, covering various healthcare facilities to ensure a holistic understanding of the region’s healthcare needs.

The Kigezi sub-region, located in southwestern Uganda, has been the focus of numerous healthcare initiatives and interventions in recent years. The Technical Support Supervision program is part of the ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and accessibility of healthcare services in the region.

Dr. Atwine during the supervision exercise

The visit to Hamurwa Health Center IV and Itojo General Hospital is expected to provide valuable insights into the healthcare infrastructure and service delivery mechanisms in Kigezi. These findings will guide the Ministry of Health in formulating targeted strategies to address the region’s healthcare challenges.

The public eagerly awaits the outcomes of this week-long Technical Support Supervision program, as it is poised to shed light on the state of healthcare in the Kigezi sub-region and pave the way for much-needed improvements in the sector. The Ministry of Health’s dedication to assessing and addressing healthcare needs in Uganda is commendable and aligns with the government’s commitment to delivering quality healthcare services to all its citizens.



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