Gen. Museveni Retreats To Kisozi To Delete More Ministers From Cabinet List

Gen. Museveni deleting some names


Pressure has gripped ministers upon learning that the appointing authority Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has elected to have a retreat at his Kisozi farm. It is this farm which to most ministers; is referred to as the ‘black spot’ as the head of state uses it to make important decisions.

“Whenever he goes there, everyone’s heart beats at a terrible speed. Anything can happen after that retreat. I can tell you all ministers, PSs and other appointees are on tenterhooks” says an inspector.

Usually, Museveni retreats here to realign his cabinet troops and also uses this farm for reconciliatory programs with opposition and other NRM errant men and women. But most importantly, inspectors said, the head of state is currently puzzled with the way he is going to handle his political dice in Bugisu sub-region. This sub-region is currently in the media for bad news and yet it is critical politically. First of all, the opposition NUP and FDC are heavily active here and yet neighboring Busoga is also already allegedly shaky politically as NUP is very active.


This sub-region-Bugisu started with Masaaba who had three sons who form the present day sub-tribes of Bugisu nation. These included Mwambu [the eldest], Mubuya [second born] and Wanale [last born]. Each of these sons settled in his own axis within Bugisu. Mwambu settled on the slopes of Mt. Elgon in present day Sironko and Bulambuli districts [north], Mubuya settled in the South Bugisu in present day West-Kenya and in Uganda; Manafwa and Namisindwa districts while Wanale on Wanale range present day Mbale.

Each son, gave birth to a sub-tribe including Bamwambu, Babuya and Wanale and each of them has had desendants in present day-Uganda.

Inspectors said that all this information is coming out by intelligence to help the head of state Gen. Museveni to find a way of navigating the Bugisu question which seems to be giving him sleepless nights especially on who to appoint and or disappoint. We are told there is intense infighting among Bagisu leading to more opposition activism in the area. We’re told given the current state of political uncertainty in Bugisu, the president according to intelligence recommendation is considering digging into the historical perspective of this sub-region diving it into two parts-north and south. The idea is to find out which particular area has benefited a lot from his government so that he can now transfer some power to another part. This is meant to politically and economically emancipate the two parts of the sub-region without perceived discrimination which has started to manifest itself among those from North Bugisu. Hereunder is the brief we got from our inspectors profiling all notable leaders of Bugisu since Museveni came to power and their area of origin. READ ON!


When Museveni captured power, his first nominee for ministerial appointment was this man. He named him deputy minister for information. This appointment found Maumbe in Luzira jail where he has been detained for six years since the troublesome 1980 elections. Inspectors said his arrest was reportedly engineered by fellow Mugisu Masete Kuya, Chris Rwakasisi and Luwuriza Kirunda all of whom were Milton Obote’s henchmen. The trio who were so powerful accused Maumbe of organizing a Bugisu Front that sought to oust Obote. Maumbe was Museveni’s close pal and when he captured power, he straightaway appointed him to cabinet for 10 years. No wonder, Museveni recently in company of his daughter Patience, visited Maumbe’s family for further bonding. Maumbe hails from the South particularly in Busiu in Mbale district [Wanale]. Other Wanale notables include SPA Bernard Mujasi, Wilson Wamimbi and Yahaya Gudoi.


His coming to cabinet was as a result of the late Dr. Kiryapawo who allegedly persuaded Museveni to find a job for Wapa. Apparently, Wapa as he was fondly referred to had stood for parliament [Constituency Assembly] but was thumped by George Masika, a former Chief Justice in Milton Obote government.  Kiryapawo told Museveni that Wapa was terribly grassing and in a bad shape and he needed to do something for him. It was crafted that since he [Museveni] was hunting for speaker of CA, it was important to consider Wapa. That is how he brought in and later he became minister for foreign affairs where he died. Wapa was a Mubuya also from Southern Bugisu although he settled in Sironko [Northern Bugisu]. Babuya form the largest sub-tribe among Bagisu with other notable figures including Goerge Masika, Masete Kuya, John Baptist Nambetshe among others.


He served in CA as a delegate and was also appointed minister for education for 10 years. He was later dropped and made a Senior Presidential Advisor until his contract was terminated after he allegedly penned a controversial poem that never appeased the center. He is a Mubuya also from Southern Bugisu.


Just like Wapa, the late Mutende stood for parliament but terribly lost. Museveni appointed him to cabinet as a state minister for industry. He too, is from the South but settled in Sironko just like Wapa did. He is a Mubuya from South.


Before he was ejected out of parliament, his colleagues fondly referred to him as ‘State Minister’. This was because, this status in leadership had stagnated to that of State minister without promotion. He had been a state minister for ages until he was kicked out. We’re told his ejection arose from the 2016 elections where he allegedly angered Museveni who had entrusted him with securing victory for NRM in Bugisu. However, this was never the case as Museveni was defeated even in Mbale district. So furious he was that Museveni summoned a meeting at State House for leaders from Bugisu and he grilled Werikhe.

“What did you tell me when I came to campaign in Mbale? Is it what I got?” Asked Museveni to which Werikhe reportedly responded saying ‘Excellency, I tried my best and we got the seats’

This angered Museveni the more and asked ‘Ok, you say I got the seats, where is Magomu Mashate the NRM Flag bearer? Did I get Mashate’s  Bungokho north seat? Is it NRM which won it?” Museveni asked to which Werikhe allegedly blamed it on former Bungokho north MP Yahaya Gudoi whom he accused of messing up NRM fortunes after he stood as an independent upon losing NRM primaries to Mashate! That’s how he eventually lost his cabinet seat. Werikhe is a Mubuya from South-Bugisu.


He worked in Civil Aviation Authority before joining cabinet as a state minister for nortrhern Uganda. His reign however, saw unprecedented rhetoric against government after the Acholis who were returning from the IDP camps were reportedly supplied with barren seeds and ‘plastic pangs’  which were paraded before parliament by now justice minister Norbert Mao. Wakikona alias Muzungu is a Mubuya from South-Bugisu.


Her hubby Felix Muloni was a UPC operative/NASA before he landed on beautiful Irene Nafuna who was a student at Gayaza. Muloni said to have been a close pal to all-powerful Paulo Muwanga’s chief body guard James Makanya. Irene Muloni is former minister for energy and mineral development, a position she lost under unclear circumstances. Apparently, there was a stinging dossier to Museveni pinning Irene on having engaged in alleged illegal cash collections. We’re told the dossier was crafted from Sheema district by a lady [names withheld] and finalized Dubai before it came to authorities in Parliament who forwarded it to Museveni pinning Irene on having benefited from Isimba Dam construction. Of course, Irene denies this according to what we got and calls it character assassination! Inspectors said that the authorities in parliament pressured Museveni to sack Irene from energy and forwarded [now troubled] then state minister for environment Dr. Gorreti Kitutu to replace Irene alias ‘smiling’ minister.  

“We are telling him to sack Irene but he’s not listening. There is a bad report here about her, we forwarded it to him but he has not taken action. We gave him Gorreti who is a geologist to replace Irene but he isn’t taking action” a senior power broker in parliament was quoted as fuming after Museveni had refused to heed pressure from him/her to sack Irene. We are told out of too much pressure; Museveni knifed the smiling Irene in 2019 and replaced her with Gorretti. In fact, upon appointing her, Museveni called Gorreti and poured his heart out to her saying ‘Gorreti please, don’t let me down. I had trusted Irene but I got some bad information about her which I am going to take time to investigate’

 An electrical engineer, Irene became a subject of secret investigation by the General from Rwakitura who went as far as China to establish facts therein the anti-Irene report. Museveni we are told found completely nothing about those allegations in the report after years of subjecting the ‘smiling creature’ to unprecedented ‘katebe’ since 2019. It is not clear if Museveni has now made up his mind to return Irene now that he has the truth about her, five years later!


She is a former minister for the presidency where she was later knifed over alleged leakage of Museveni’s letter to Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi. This letter was seen by only Museveni, then PPS Amelia Kyambadde and Wabudeya but it found itself in the media turning Museveni’s eyes ‘red hot’ out of anger! Inspectors said Wabudeya was immediately put on suspension and then state minister James Nsaba Buturo was asked to sit in as Acting presidency minister. Eventually, Mukaye lost her cabinet seat especially after also losing her parliamentary seat to Nandala Mafabi in 2011. She is currently an SPA on veterinary affairs and runs his farm. Wabudeya is a Mwambu from the north. Other notable Bamwambu include FDC Secretary General Nandala Mafabi, UHRC chairperson Mariam Wangadya , Wadada Musani, Professor Dan Wadada Nabudere, Barrister Peter Magomu Mashate, state minister Gidudu among others.


This one needs no introduction. She is our celebrated minister for Karamoja affairs. She is currently in court over alleged theft of iron sheets. Dr. Gorreti none the less, is a well-educated environmentalist and geologist. She hails from Manafwa or South Bugisu.


She is also a celebrated state minister for Karamoja affairs. She is currently in court over similar scandals with her senior minister Kitutu. They are still defending themselves alongside a line of other officials over iron sheets. Agnes is a Mubuya hailing from the South. Other Babuya include Sylvester Wanzusi Wasieba, opposition Chief Whip John B Nambatsye [NUP].


Inspectors said that the north is therefore grumbling over what inspectors termed as ‘marginalization’ of their area [read Sironko/Bulambuli sub-region] when it comes to cabinet appointment. The inspectors said a security report indicates that the reason president Museveni has been facing troubles in northern Bugisu which votes for opposition is because of this salient grumbling. To begin with, Wadada Musani was Museveni’s rebel commander leading the Elgon 13 group and based in Northern Bugisu. Musani died as an ambassador and his wife last month died without having realized her appointment letter as a Senior Presidential Advisor. Museveni appointed her in 2010 to this position but 12years later, she died minus having gotten this appointment letter. The president however, footed the medical bills and burial expenses. The north according to inspectors feels it shed blood for this government but the South is getting all the political favors. The other notable family is that of Professor Dan Wadada Nabudere which it is stated; has not been remembered ‘at all’ by Gen. Museveni for appointment in spite of his good relations with the family. It should be recalled that Museveni picked one of Nabudere’s nephews to defend him in London in a case that had been filed against him. This son [Barrister Peter Magomu Mashate] won the case even with attempts to bribe him with 3million pounds (equivalent of 15 billion Uganda shillings) to betray Museveni which in unprecedented heroic and patriotic terms Mashate flatly rejected.  The man has not been even appointed to judiciary or any other government job. Such grumbling according to inspectors is what security brought before Museveni and is studying the matter while at Kisozi to make final decisions. Watch out for details!

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