Gen. Museveni Is Still Physically Fit And Experienced To Lead Uganda-Hajat Uzeiye Tells Greater Kiboga

Chief Muzzukulu Hajati Hadijah Uzeiye Namyalo talking to scribes

Chief Muzzukulu Hajat Uzeiye Namyalo Hadijah has revealed that one of the reasons for promoting Gen. Museveni for a comeback in 2026 is that; the NRM chairman is still physically able with a lot of experience.

Uzeiye who’s also the NRM Office of the National Chairman (ONC) head, adds that Museveni has inside information about the movement agenda to deliver Uganda to the promised land as per the famous speech he made on 26th January 1986.

“This is something that many NRM members simply lack.
Another reason as to why ONC is promoting the NRM National Chairman for 2026 is to reward him for doing a great job in growing the party and developing the country” she said.
Uzeiye said that transitioning to a National NRM chairman role is a great way for the current movement supreme leader (Museveni) to stay involved with the party in a positive way.

“Ideally, we deserve someone who better understands the political industry, someone with a clear ideology of the movement system, and someone who has senior level experience,” Hajjat Namyalo said. Uzeiye noted that being the NRM National chairman is incomparable to no other job.

She explained that being in that position, the NRM national chairman deals with a wide range of issues.
“And it’s hard to know whether someone can do it until someone has done it. In that regard, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is one of those few people.” the Chief Muzzukulu who’s also Senior Presidential Advisor/political affairs said in Greater Kiboga while celebrating NRM achievements. This was at Nkandwa playground to celebrate the belated NRM liberation day.

At the function, the NRM government under the leadership of Gen. Museveni was commended for the great achievements done in the greater Kiboga sub-region.
Among the achievements included an increase in Universal Primary Schools which they said have increased from 15 to 201, Universal Secondary schools from 2 to 8 in addition to Kiboga Technical institute at Bukomero. Others are Hospitals that have also increased in number from 4 to 37 in the sub- region.

Hajati Hadijah Uzeiye Namyalo flanked by minister Ruth Nankabirwa and ONC loudspeaker Kitatta Ibrahim
Hajati Hadijah Uzeiye Namyalo flanked by minister Ruth Nankabirwa and ONC loudspeaker Kitatta Ibrahim
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