Dr. Wambaka named Bugisu Chief Thinker as Umukhukha Launches Chiefdom’s Think-tank, Cabinet

Dr. Wambaka, Bugisu's chief thinker

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According to reports gathered by The Inspector from the Land of the Circumcised, Dr. Wambaka is the chairperson of the newly formed Bugisu think-tank also known as the Commission for Planning & Sustainable Development.

Wambaka’s new role was announced recently in a new 36-man strong cabinet announced by the Bugisu cultural leader, HRH Mike Jude Mudoma the Umukhukha III.

In his new role, Dr. Wambaka, an internationally acclaimed consultant through his strategic friends international (a global consultancy firm), will have to dip into his overflowing pot of knowledge for ideas that will lead Bugisu to socioeconomic prosperity.


On January 29, 2024, the Umukhukha III, HRH Mike Jude Mudoma, announced a 36-member cabinet ensemble drawn from both Bugisu lands of Uganda and Kenya to help him preside over the land of the Imbalu. Reports from Bugisu indicate that the new cabinet was highly welcomed, with many subjects amazed by its oozing potential since it is dominated by the land’s crème de la crème.

Particularly, many Bagisu expressed great optimism upon realizing that unlike previous cabinets, this particular one has a modern outlook, with much emphasis put on research, innovation and ICT.

Dr. Wambaka, the Ideas’ Brewmaster

An old saying in basketball states that “Always feed the ‘hot hand’”. It precisely means that players must always repeatedly pass the ball to the team’s most prolific shooter so as to guarantee success. It is therefore safe to say that in Dr. Kosea Wambaka, Bugisu has a ‘hot hand’ due to his proven track record of delivering on critical projects of any magnitude.

This general consensus clearly manifested recently when the Kingdom reached out to its illustrious son, Dr. Wambaka, to help it organise the Umukhukha’s coronation which came off a backdrop of protracted legal and physical battles between the new Umukhukha and his then rival, Amran Wegabyalire.

Amb. Walimbwa Peke is on the new cabinet

In Wambaka’s appointment letter, the Inzu ya Masaba spokesperson Stephen Masiga clearly revealed that Wambaka was sought out due to his prior experience in helping the kingdom/Umukhukha solve several contentious matters, on top of executing critical projects within Bugisu and on the national and international stages.

“Dr. Kosea Wambaka has worked closely with the government of Uganda on many signature projects like paying PAPs in Bunyoro under the oil pipeline and the Jinja Nile Bridge. Dr. Wambaka has been very supportive on issues of Bukuuka right from the time when we were still in the trenches. We find him a trusted cultural asset …,” Masiga stated.

This explains why he was identified as the right man to think for the entire Bugisu.

Umukhukha Mike Jude Mudoma

Wambaka Upbeat

Commenting on his new appointment, the unbelievably humble Wambaka thanked the Umukhukha for giving him another opportunity to contribute to the development of Bugisu. He however revealed that he is banking on all the other 29 appointees to join hands and take Bugisu to the next level.

“This appointment is not a chance to display who is more knowledgeable and who’s not. Issues of development have teamwork as their basic requirement, which is why I’m banking on the entire cabinet, with God as our ultimate guide,” Wambaka said. Notable among the other appointees include: Ritah Namuwenge aka Mama Emyooga, Amb. Charles Walimbwa Peke, Dr. Robinah Namome, Rtd. Bishop Gidudu Patrick, among others.

Wambaka at a brief glance

For the record, Dr. Wambaka is globally pitted amongst the world’s top ten educated men, with 7 degrees to his credit; including two PhDs, 4 Master’s degrees and one Bachelor’s degree — all buttressed with 28 professional certificates from various fields.

But unlike many PhD holders who end up in lecture rooms as dons, Dr. Wambaka is famed for being a functional academic, with his footprint heavily imprinted in the fields of entrepreneurship, international consultancy and philanthropy. Specifically, he has executed very many projects in Bugisu, on the national and international levels in the areas of tourism, oil & gas and events management, among others. It is therefore not surprising that the Umukhukha seeks to tap into his talents and experience to Bugisu’s pure advantage.

About Think-tanks

For purposes of clarity, Think tanks act as brokers of policy knowledge, centers of research, and incubators of new ideas. They hence: Provide a place where ideas can be developed freely & independently; Raise awareness of important issues; Provide alternative policy solutions, supported by evidence; Inform and educate policymakers, the public, business, & civil society; Encourage public debate and facilitate exchanges of ideas; and Monitor and evaluate effects of policies and government programs.

We have learnt that as per the new lineup, Wambaka’s commission will be in charge of generation ideas, which will then feed into all the other ministries; most especially the deputy prime minister’s office headed by Dr. Clet Wadui, which is in charge of Research, Innovation and Technological Development.

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