Clergy Task Government To Address Governance Issues

The clergy in a group photo with Premier Nabbanja

By Sadique Bamwita

Members of the Clergy under their umbrella Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU) have tasked government to address a number of governance issues.

The men of God whop even proposed some resolutions for government to act upon, argue that if government acts upon issues on torture of political opponents, acute unemployment, corruption and revival of national dialogue among others, it would be easier for the country to achieve its socio-economic transformation agenda.

The clergy made their demands in Entebbe during a governance retreat themed “Harnessing the power, assets, and potential of faith communities to drive social transformation amidst the current dynamics.

His Grace the most Rev. Dr. Stephen Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu, the Arcbishop of Anglican Church as well as the Chairperson of council of presidents of Inter-religious Council of Uganda, advised government that for it to attain socio-economic transformation there is need to promote peace and reconciliation initiatives in addition to reviving the National dialogue to dialogue on issues that affect people.

His Grace Dr. Kaziimba, slammed government for slashing their budget up from Shs 2billion to Shs500m saying this affects smooth running of their activities.

Dr. Apostle Joseph Serwadda, the president of Born-Again Christian faith, challenged the government to work hand in hand with religious leaders to inculcate moral values in people so as to address transparency and accountability issues.

Dr. Serwadda also asked government to establish a Ministry for Guidance and Religious affairs that will advise government on how best to handle its political opponents in addition to ending unwanted abductions.

While reacting to issues raised by religious leaders, Premier Robinah Nabbanja, disagreed with religious leaders on tormenting and abducting political opponents and also blamed them for tarnishing her office in the iron sheets saga.

Premier Nabbanja implored clergies to mobilize locals to embrace government development programs like the parish Development model among others.

She criticized the clergy and the media for putting her name in the spotlight of the Karamoja Iron Sheets scandal, saying she is the one who instructed the Internal Security Organization to liaise with police to investigate the saga.

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