Bushenyi Politics Worsen As NWSC Boss Dr. Mugisha Calls Wife’s Rival Karooro Okurut As A ‘Dead Body’

By John Okello Lapok

National Water and Sewerage Corporation managing director Eng. Dr. Silver Mugisha has given a political dose to the people of Bushenyi in what he termed as a philosophical way!
Although he didn’t mention the name in his speech, the dark-skinned Engineer assured locals in a secret function, that those who didn’t see the political storm in 2020 woman MP primaries favoring his wife Annette Katusiime were like a fly that follows a dead body in the coffin and eventually (foolishly) gets burried with it in the grave.

Speaking in Runyankore, Dr. Mugisha spoke in parables and explained that it’s only a foolish cow (read fly) that follows a dead body in the coffin unknowing that it will also be burried there. As for the foolish cow, when it’s master dies, it chooses to follow the body and stays at the grave!
“I am speaking philosophically. Those who understand it, know it. It means there was a dead body at the time (of elections)” he said.
Dr. Mugisha the man behind the successes in water supply to wanainch made the statement as he showered praises to a one Rose who is believed to have been a PA to former minister for general duties also former woman MP Bushenyi district Mary Karooro Okurut Busingye. It is this Rose according to Dr. Mugisha who enabled things work in the project to oust the soft-spoken Karooro from Bushenyi woman MP seat.

“This Rose you see here is a very good lady. She acted maturely and kept quiet. Rose didn’t accept to be like a foolish fly which follows the dead body in the coffin and when they come to burry, they also burry it. She closed her mouth. Let her leave talkers but go with people who deliver” Mugisha told his pals in a local function attended by cream de la cream of Bushenyi. The function was organised by one of the top city scribes who worked at one of the leading local dailies.

Even a senior official in the NRM electoral commission whom Dr. Mugisha kept describing as his pal attended and some staff in water.
He said that indeed, allegations that his wife Annette Katusiime connived with NRM EC to steal votes in primaries were false. He added even when he professes Catholicism, he is not driven by religion when it comes to voting. He said he only follows issues.

“Those of you who talk about religion…..these confuse you. When someone isn’t performing, I don’t follow you because we belong to the same religion. If a Catholic isn’t performing, I vote for a Protestant. If a Protestant is not performing, I vote for a Catholic” he said, adding that people who go to church want services.
“People want someone who will fix roads, bring water etc. That’s why they voted for Annette (Katusiime)” he said.

He showered all sorts of praises to his wife Annette and thanked the voters of Bushenyi for giving her a chance. He assured them that Annette Katusiime has a lot in her bag and she was going to implement whatever is there in the bag in a record two years.
“Annette sent me to thank you for voting her in 2021. Why I like her is because she can work for you. She will do all that she promised as an individual. Remember, there was an NRM manifesto, but she also had her own manifesto. I want to tell you that in two years, she will have finished her manifesto. What she will add on will be a bonus” he assured the participants.

Dr. Mugisha told the function that his wife Annette has many government programs but that she would come herself and unveil them to the people.
Karooro Okurut had been woman MP Bushenyi way back before it was chopped into smaller districts. Whereas she had managed to lead the district, Annette laid a serious political ambush and ousted her in what her supporters said was a rigged victory. However, president Museveni has since appointed her as Senior Presidential Advisor on Public Relations. Our Inspectors have also revealed that Bushenyi district is now sharply divided among it’s political class, something that threatens the future of NRM and President Museveni in that district.

Inspectors said unless he calls a ceasefire meeting soonest, NRM fortunes there are at stake. Watch out for the full speech by the MD Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha last week at the function!

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