“Bring Back My Bazzukulu Whether They Are With My Son (Muhoozi) Or Kyagulanyi”-Gen. Museveni Tells Chief Muzzukulu Uzeiye

ONC head Hajat Uzeiye Namyalo Hadijah hands over laptops to Regional coordinators and Bazzukulu

Political gloves are off between President Yoweri Museveni and his son Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba.
This follows a directive by the president also NRM chairman to the head of Office of the National Chairman (ONC) also National Cordinator of the Bazzukulu movement Hajat Uzeiye Namyalo Hadijah to ensure that his Bazzukulu who are supporting his son (Gen. Muhoozi) or opposition NUP are brought back to his side.

Uzeiye revealed this while handing over brand new laptops to Regional ONC coordinators who finished their 3-days orientation symposium on monitoring governmnent programs at ONC offices at Kyambogo.
“I want you to bring back my Bazzukulu. Whether they are with my son (Gen. Muhoozi) or Kyagulanyi, bring them back. Any other thing (facilitation) we will find as we go along” Uzeiye told the coordinators and told them that they should work hard because Jjajja Museveni is coming back in 2026 and beyond.

She said the first two months after her appointment were challenging because the office was dormant and the keys to her office weren’t handed over until the third month.
“I started here using my own money. Even keys to the office were brought after two months. We were here working from the dining. We found this office dormant” She said as she tried to explain to the coordinators about possible intrigue awaiting them now that they have been given these positions.

She said some people are bound to start fighting the ONC coordinators but that they should remain steadfast and work.
She said the gadgets which include a mobile phone handset and a laptop should be used by the coordinators to effectively deliver their work. Uzeiye asked them to promote governmnent programs, expose the corrupt and also promote NRM chairman Museveni’s brand.
“Reports are needed because the president wants to know what those technocrats are doing. He gets little time with them to know their lies. He has now sent his troops (ONC coordinators) to do the job. However, it is unfortunate to fight corruption when you’re also corrupt” she said.
She asked the coordinators to go and start work now that they have been trained and warned that those who will not deliver will be fired. Uzeiye said ONC has developed an evaluation mechanism to assess the performance of the ONC coordinators. She said those who will excel will be recognized with awards while the lazy ones will lose out.

“We have given you those communication gadgets. Use them in whatever way you can as long as it’s for value addition. We don’t care. Creativity is key here. What we need is Mzee’s brand to be promoted. We’re waiting for results” she said.
Uzeiye asked the coordinators to make reports on issues affecting the population in all sectors. For example in education sector and health, they need to identify those subcounties that lack a seed secondary school or health center III as per the government plan for each Subcounty to have such facilities and also those feeder roads that need to be upgraded.

ONC head Hajat Uzeiye Namyalo Hadijah hands over laptops to Regional coordinators and Bazzukulu

“Pick out issues affecting people. What about presidential pledges? Get those which are pending, their status and also those groups which he promised and they didn’t get” She said.
The Chief Muzzukulu also warned the coordinators against being diverted by opportunists. She told them that her office was aware that some individuals were trying to call the coordinators to abandon their assignments. She said the new gadgets will facilitate smooth execution of the coordinators’ work as their reports will be delivered timely and without any chance of them being altered by saboteurs.

“I have lobbied for the coordinators’ issue for the last four months. Mzee wanted us to deliver but I saw that we couldn’t work alone. Not only working but I also told him that I hate working with people who are hungry. These people have over been used. Good thing; he is a good listener and he accepted our issue” she said and arged them not to sell the gadgets.

ONC PRO Kitatta Ibrahim congratulates one of the ONC regional coordinator Katumba Hamza Numba from Masaka

Meanwhile, ONC administrator Dr. Mariam Nakimuli told the coordinators that their monthly pay will be based on delivery of tasks.

“We shall be evaluating at the end of the month. Those who will succeed with us, we intend to work for the best. We want to motivate you to work hard. I appreciate you for having accepted the assignment. We badly need your reports. In case of any challenges, forward them to Hajat Uzeiye, she will handle” she said adding that for the coordinators to have been identified to work for the Fountain of Honor, they need to be congratulated.

The ONC spokesman Ibrahim Kitatta Almalik reminded them that they are still in acting capacity for an unspecified period of time and those who will deliver will be confirmed. He urged them to work hard.

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