Bizarre As Uganda Trails On List Of Top Countries With Bummy Ladies!


By Jackie Nantume

Ugandan women have been dealt a serious blow after research indicated that they have no position on the list of countries with ladies having big sized ‘sitting allowance’!

According to latest research findings by a marketing company GitNux, Uganda and all it’s neighboring countries including Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan among others have no place on the list of top 15 countries in the world which have ladies with huge bums popularly known as Nyash!

Actually according to the research, in Africa, such women are only found in South Africa and Nigeria.

The list shows that South African women are actually leading this position in the whole world while Nigerians 13th on the list.

The research indicates that South African ladies have a booty measuring 105.9cm followed by those from Argentina who have a butt or sitting allowance measuring 104.1cm.

Swedish ladies known for being toothpicks in size are surprisingly number three (3) in the world with their ladies having a butt measuring 103.8cm.

Ugandan ladies with their tiny nyash

Greek women came in the fourth position followed by those of Germany and then US ladies came in the sixth position.

President Vladimir Putin’s ladies (Russia) are in the seventh position followed by those of Italy and then Australia in the 9th position.

Netherlands is the 10th and France is 11th according to the list before Canada sets in the 12th position.

Our dear Nigeria comes in the 13th position, South Korea and lastly Japan is number 15.

The list is actually a shocking one because countries like Brazil which is known to have such ‘Bummy projects’ failed to make it to the prestigious list of best 15!

In East Africa, many Ugandan ladies especially socialites have been flooding the internet with their so-called bitone (endowed butts) unknowing that they had nothing in form of such assets.

“This is a terrible blow to our ladies because it shows they still have a lot of work. Does this explain why several of them are flocking Faco to make butts? Even then, it seems poor feeding is still their main challenge” explained Juma Mugerwa an expert on ladies jewellery.

 He said in his jewelry shop, he struggles to sell ladies beads (obutiiti) especially because most of the customers have small booties.

“Obutiiti need someone with a butt because they are worn in the waist. But because most ladies have angle-line like butts, very few of them buy them. I think this research is true and we need to find market for some items elsewhere ” he said adding that those in such business may have to redirect their investments in other items like artificial butts and boobs which most Ugandan ladies may now turn to following this revelation.

This research seems to be an answer as to why the hitherto ‘Miss Curvy’ competition organized by the Ugandan Ministry for Tourism collapsed as no meaningful competitors were available to take part in the pageant.

It’s not clear why South African ladies scooped this global title.

A Nigerian woman with a serious butt which is rare in Uganda

However, recent research by Journal Peer J, showed that 68% of ladies in South Africa are obese. With this info, it means this overweight enables some of their fats to concentrate on their backside hence making serious hips! Credit (The citizen).



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