8 Ministers To Join Kitutu In Luzira As Bugisu NRM Summons Crisis Meeting To Replace Embattled Minister

Kitutu during her good days


Eight top ministers are living on borrowed freedom as they face imminent arrest over theft of Karamoja iron sheets.

The ministers will be upon being arrested, automatically be kicked out of their offices and will no longer attend cabinet meetings according to the project before us.
Inspectors revealed last night that files for the thieving ministers are nearly complete and will soon join their alleged ‘thief-in-chief’ Maria Goreti Kitutu who’s already in Luzira prison over iron sheets.

Our Inspectors suggested that of all the lot that was mentioned in the saga, only two top officials including vice president and prime minister are going to be spared from being charged but the rest have got a case to answer.

“The cabinet vacancies are going to be many soon. This is an automatic cleansing. Gen. Museveni is determined to prove that he means his words. They are going to be arrested” an inspector said, adding that parliament is going to witness an unprecedented situation where many are going to be arraigned before court. Recently, this news site warned of an imminent arrest of ministers after the president described iron sheets ministers to being worse than COVID-19. Already, hon. Kitutu was arrested and is on remand.

Meanwhile, in Bugisu where Kitutu hails from, something is taking place next week on 10th. A meeting by NRM has been summoned to discuss the current state of political quagmire involvinh their sons and daughters.

The meeting according to Inspectors is taking place at Mt. Elgon hotel and is to be attended by top NRM honchos in the sub-region including state minister for elderly Mafwabi Gidudu who’s also a CEC member of NRM.

Others are all the powerful members of the Office of the National Chairman (ONC) who’s none other than Gen. Yoweri Museveni. It should be recalled that Museveni appointed his blue eyed gal Hajat Uzeiye Namyalo Hadijah to head ONC and she has since deployed powerful ONC regional coordinators across the country.

In Bugisu, ONC is led by a one Christopher Buyera working with Mary Wasagali who’s the regional coordinator in charge of mobilization.
“Sironko district NRM leadership intends to officially start the mobilization drive for HE the president ahead of 2026 general elections. This serves to.invite the daughters and sons who hail from Sironko district but working in different capacities to come for this important strategic meeting” a letter addressed to Gidudu reads in part.

The NRM has decided to begin with Sironko district also known as the Elgon 13 area. Elgon 13 area is where former rebel group Elgon 13 led by Wadada Musani an ally of Museveni’s NRA rebel group operated from. It concentrated mainly in Sironko areas.

We’re told part of the agenda is for the NRM leaders to find ways to fix the current storm facing the sub-region in relation to cabinet appointments. In the program according to what we got from inspectors, there’s a proposal to tell the president not to appoint elected MPs to cabinet as these are regarded as having political baggage which they need to sort for their survival in the next election.

Embattled minister Kitutu covering her face with a hood after arrest

“It means they will pay little attention to marketing the president as they will be working for their own survival. We’re entering a critical time where service delivery is key and requires a committed team to market the president and governmnent programs. Some of the proposed names include Gidudu to be promoted to full minister, London Barrister Peter Magomu Mashate and MPs Irene Muloni, John Musila and Kayagi Netelesire Woman MP Manafwa.



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