Gov’t Bans Exportation of Unprocessed Minerals

The Minister of Energyrgy and Mineral Development Dr Ruth Nankabirwa says government has put a ban on exportation of minerals which are not processed to the required percentage.

Nankabirwa said this while officiating at the launch of the 11th annual minerals wealth conference at Sheraton hotel in Kampala themed: Positioning Uganda’s Mineral sector for the green energy revolution’

“For so many years, we have been hearing people involved in mines and we couldn’t see the products coming from minerals. This time round, we are putting a ban on the exportation of minerals which are not processed to a required percentage” she said.

She said government is encouraging investors to come and invest in refineries for the minerals like gold. Nankabirwa said government wants these refineries here so that Ugandans get job opportunities.

She further added that government is open to discussing pertinent issues of mutual concern with the all industry players.
“Government will also continue to promote investment in the mining sub-sector with a target of achieving value addition ensure the socio-economic transformation of the nation” she said.

On high power tariffs, she stressed that the reason why Uganda still has a high power tariffs is because of the money government borrowed to invest in generation.

“You borrow money expensively, you have expensive electricity” she said adding that Karuma is about to be commissioned in a period of one month.

Nankabirwa said it’s power will be cheap at least below 5cents just like that of Isimba.
“We are also going to have Kiira and Nalubaale by March next year which will be managed by UEGCL. I want to assure Ugandans that government is making all the possibilities to ensure power tariffs go down” she said.



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