Walugogo Leaders In Iganga District Protest Umeme’s Untamed Darkness

By Emma Lwasi

Tired of experiencing unexplained darkness for now two weeks, locals together with their area leaders in 

Walugogo parish, Central Division in Iganga district have staged a peaceful demonstration.

The demonstration was meant to prove to Umeme that it’s continued supply of darkness to them wasn’t part of the contract they signed with the power supplier.

The angry residents took their matters to the RDC Wandera Sadala who promised to intervene in the matter by talking to Umeme to style up.

The locals led by their parish councilor Konso Faisal told journalists that they tried to reach Umeme officials in Iganga but none of them was willing to answer their concerns by way of connecting them back.

With most of them relying on electricity to run their small businesses, the residents are also worried that insecurity in the area may increase as a result of Umeme’s darkness to the area.


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