VIDEO: Ugandan serial killer rapes, murders 6 women

One of the vehicles where one the decomposing bodies was discovered

A 21-year-old Ugandan man has been arrested by police on charges of the serial rape and murder of six women.

The grisly incident happened at Village Main in the Johannesburg City Centre, South Africa.

According to media reports, the shocking incident was discovered last week, following the disappearance of one of the victims of the serial murders.

Gauteng Police spokesperson Brig. Brenda Muridili said that following the lady’s disappearance, police launched a manhunt whose preliminary investigation led to the suspect, who was the last person to be seen with the missing woman at 8pm on October 2 (last Sunday).

“She was never seen again until her body was discovered on Sunday. The clothes she was wearing matched the description of a person recently reported missing,” she said.

It is reported that after questioning the suspect, Police went back to the building where there is a makeshift workshop and rubbish dumpsters. There, reports indicate, police discovered the missing woman’s body as well as five more rotting strewn around different locations of the building.

It has emerged that all the six victims had been tied up, according to eyewitnesses.

A caretaker at one of the neighbouring buildings said they alerted police after they started to smell a stench last week but could not initially trace the source.

Another witness said he had noted a foul smell a week ago. Some of the workers in the area got together to investigate, which led them to the section of the building where the bodies were discovered.

He said the decomposed bodies were semi-naked. “All the victims were tied when they were discovered. One body was found in a bin, the others under boxes. One was found in the back of a van,” he said.

The caretaker said he could not understand how people worked amid the stench. “There are people who work there and they kept coming to work as if everything was fine.”

CCTV Captured murderer

The suspect’s father who has been identified as Al-hajji Nasibu Baka admitted that indeed his son was the main suspect in the murders. He told police that the suspect had keys to the building and CCTV footage had shown him entering the premises with different girls in his vehicle on several occasions before exiting alone.

Members of the Ugandan community in South Africa have attributed the petrifying incident to possible drug influence.

Speaking on a viral Whatsapp audio, a concerned member of the Ugandan community in South Africa revealed that the said suspect was known to have a history of drug-induced rape incident and was even recently arrested on the same charges but released on bail.

Police records show that the suspect was arrested over rape in June 2021 and was bailed in February this year after the victim withdrew the charges against him.

The concerned Ugandan added that Ugandan families in South Africa are grappling with delinquent children, with 85% plagued by drugs.

The anonymous parent revealed that the vice has been mainly noted to affect children once they reach their teens (about 12-13 years).

As a result, many parents send their children back to Uganda to avoid losing them to drugs and South African permissiveness.

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