NRM Protests Governor Mutebile’s Free House Proposal

RIP: Prof. Emmanuel Mutebile

Ruling party-NRM has vehemently opposed a proposal by parliament to give the official residence of governor bank of Uganda to the family of the late governor Prof. Emmanuel Mutebile.

According to NRM director for information and mobilization Emmanuel Dombo, whereas Mutebile should be honored for his contribution to the nation, the proposal to give him the national property is indirectly an act to demean him. He says even Mutebile would oppose that proposal if he was still alive, adding that some unscrupulous individuals who hated the late could have sold this idea to the widow in order to spoil his legacy.

“With due respect to whoever conjured this discussion, it totally demeans the accolades that have been showered to his iconic career and transformer of the economy. I know if he was alive, him being a Mukiga Kashushu, he wouldn’t entertain that crap!” He says.

Dombo Emmanuel

He urged all Ugandans of goodwill and other remaining Bakiga (Mutebile’s tribesmen) to condemn this act.
“The other remaining Bakiga, if they care, and all Ugandans of goodwill should condemn this type of postulation! For sure, if a pensionable former PS/ST and Governor BOU for 20 years cannot afford a decent home wherever, then who will? Unless we desire to arm our opponents that the purported economic recovery didn’t even work for the Governor himself! This is not a befitting debate because it is diversionary” he said.

Dombo said that this proposal might incite others to lay a claim on state house, the official residence of the president.
“It might be his haters who advised the widow, if indeed she made that cry, to come up with that version. They might tempt others to make proposals for the State House, a thing Ssabalwanyi (president Museveni) cannot accept” he said.
He urged members to concentrate on the debate of the Legacy set by the late Prof Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile, and how to emulate it.

The MPs led by Bukooli central MP Solomon Silwanyi suggested that Mutebile widow whispered to them that her late husband had no house in Kampala and therefore requested to be given the governor’s official residence. The members passed the motion but has since attracted public outcry since Mutebile was earning handsomely to afford himself a huge mansion.

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